September 01, 2017

SPLC actually claims army bases are “Confederate monuments,” need to be torn down

StaffRebel Columnist

The Southern Poverty Law Center has ramped up their stupidity by claiming that three of the largest army bases in the United States need to come down because they're “Confederate monuments.”

The Daily Caller reports that SPLC listed Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Benning in Georgia on a list of 1,500 Confederate symbols.

What's even more insane is they go as far as claiming symbols have “the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed.”

SPLC's website encourages people to spam their local newspapers with letters to the editor about removing monuments. Of course, it's unlikely that an army base is going to get eliminated.

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commented 2017-09-02 11:01:50 -0400
Hey let’s tear down the bridge on the River Kwai while we are at it.
commented 2017-09-01 19:39:14 -0400
Dees, Potok and the SPLC Scam, there’s a partnership made in hell…with a contract signed in blood with Ole Satan himself.
Think of the irony if some insane, closeted homosexual, cross-dressing jihadi, desperately wanting to blow up something Western and get his ‘virgins’, confused the SPLC building in Montgomery for the FRC building (where the SPLC sent Floyd Corkins to murder Christians and then smear their faces with Chick Fil A sandwiches for being Christian), or something, and then blew up the whole SPLC building with Dees and Potok and the rest of the wealthy grifters inside.
Let me see if I can find that address in Montgomery…
commented 2017-09-01 19:38:23 -0400
I proclaim the SPLC a hate group.
commented 2017-09-01 13:18:33 -0400
To quote that annoying song by Dionne Warwick “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”, however, what it doesn’t need is more stupidity. There’s always been an abundant supply of that.
commented 2017-09-01 12:13:11 -0400
" NUTS "