March 18, 2019

Why fully legalizing sports betting in Canada is “the right thing to do” (Guest host: David Menzies)

Rebel Staff

(Ezra Levant returns tomorrow. Tonight, David Menzies is guest hosting...)

Once upon a time in Canada, there was virtually no such thing as legalized gambling.

Aside from a church bingo game or the crown and anchor wheel down at the local summer fair or maybe a smuggled-in Irish sweepstakes ticket, it was slim pickings for those who liked to wager, unless you were heavily invested into horse racing. If one wanted to gamble, at least legally, doing so meant purchasing a plane ticket to Las Vegas.

Today, the gambling landscape is radically different. But as much as Canada has morphed into Las Vegas North, there is a notable exemption:

Wagering on sports matches. Oh, sure, for some 20-plus years this has been facilitated by the Pro Line provincial-run lottery. But the thing is, a sports bettor must wager on a parlay, meaning, he or she has to choose at least three games. To this day, wagering on single-game sporting events is illegal.

Who knows how many billions the government has lost out on when it comes to forfeiting single-game wagering.

Recently, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli wrote to federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau asking for an amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada, to legalize single-game sports wagering in Canada. This is a win-win-win on so many fronts, from creating jobs and increasing gambling revenues to attracting American punters to Canadian casinos.

Here’s hoping that the Trudeau Liberals will reverse themselves yet again when they hand down the budget tomorrow and throw their support behind single-game sports wagering.

It would be the right thing for them to do, especially since it’s abundantly clear the budget is not going to “balance itself...”

NEXT: And on that very topic, Catherine Swift of Working Canadians joins me to talk about on Bill Morneau and the upcoming federal budget.

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commented 2019-03-19 03:49:15 -0400
Jan G i think he resigned when he figured out that he would be the scapegoat in all of this.
commented 2019-03-19 02:44:27 -0400
And the latest highway accident statistics from the Colorado Highway Patrol prove the case… We dumb “fucks” in Canada, under Trudeau, have adopted/legalized the Number One gateway drug to further escalated drug use, and the consequences of it, for decades to come… And all of that just because our little turd/potato of a Prime Minister is trying to “justify” his mother blowing pakalolo smoke in his face since he was a baby… And hey, didn’t his brother have the RCMP “leaned on” to ignore tokin’ at one time… Prove me wrong!….
commented 2019-03-19 00:58:21 -0400
That little turd has been making bad decisions for Canada ever since Mother Maggie blew pakalolo smoke in his face as a baby…
commented 2019-03-19 00:31:59 -0400
In September of 2015 before the Federal election I wrote “Canada’s Debt, A Liberal Legacy” where I showed charts with 40 years of debt and deficits in 2015 dollars. Interesting to note given Catherine’s comments that while the Harper Government took us into deficits, they did it in such a way to take us back to surpluses fairly quickly.

I may have to update it before the fall election.
commented 2019-03-19 00:17:28 -0400
What about Wernick’s resignation?
Thankfully, this will keep the SNC scandal alive.
commented 2019-03-18 21:13:48 -0400
C. White commented 34 mins ago
Political betting sounds like a great idea. I might have made good money today on the Michael Wernick decision.
commented 2019-03-18 21:06:11 -0400
Catherine Swift is such a realist compared to the CTV and CBC Financial reporters. I
have been listening to Lovic-Reed for the last 3 years telling us how great things are under Trudeau. She even has a special smile whenever she mentions his name. Then think tanks like the Fraser Institute tell a different story of what is not only going on now, but what will happen 3 months in the future; all with graphic proof.
commented 2019-03-18 20:35:36 -0400
Dave Rubin recently interviewed Robert Barnes about his legal suits against big tech and the media, notably with respect to the Covington kids. A sidebar was that Barnes makes good coin from political betting, but I think he has to place bets offshore.

That would be great to legalize in Canada as well. Watching the betting odds would be a better indicator than polling for an election outcome.
commented 2019-03-18 20:32:13 -0400
- It would make sense to implement sports betting in order to raise revenue. I don’t expect these Liberals to do things to make sense.

- The Liberals want to ensure that all Canadians have access to high speed internet …. that will cost taxpayers a fortune … & that they’ll censor & regulate the hell out of. Maybe they can promise to give everyone a pony as well. I don’t think many will buy their attempt to bribe us with our own money.
commented 2019-03-18 20:29:11 -0400
How sad that some Canadians are bribed by their own money. There’s no such thing as “government” money. Without us taxpayers, the government would go broke. Trudeau himself has zero understanding of budgeting.