April 21, 2015

Spy boss says Canada faces "direct" threat from jihadis

Brian LilleyArchive

Canada's spy boss told senators on Monday that the country faces an unprecedented threat. As National Post reports, Michel Coulombe was blunt in his assessment.

“Based on service assessments, the terrorist threat to Canada’s national security interests has never been as direct or immediate,” Canadian Security Intelligence Service head Michel Coulombe told the Senate national security committee.

“In addition to complex plots involving multiple threat actors over a prolonged period, we must also be alert to rapidly escalating threats posed by individuals determined and able to act with little or no warning or support,” he said.

Senators were told that the number of Canadian recruits leaving the country to join ISIS has been rising, increasing 50% in the last few months.

Coulombe's testimony came the same day as Canadians arrested on terror related charges appeared in court in Alberta, Quebec and the Maritimes.

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commented 2015-04-22 10:17:57 -0400
Canadians just do not WANT to believe that the things we take for granted about our Canadian way of life are slowly being eroded and attacked. Once they “wake up” to what is occurring daily in our country, it probably will be too late to undo the damage!
commented 2015-04-21 21:47:56 -0400
Stu Gatzo, I don’t know how old you are but for you to dismiss my experience as if I was too stupid to know what was going on is incredibly arrogant. Do you not object to cops saying out loud in crowds that are mostly Mulim with a few Jewish students that they want to kill all the Jews? That is what I heard this cop doing. She got promoted; I got driven off campus.

That was not the end of it. I continued to object to what I saw going on all around me. Great efforts were made to try to silence me. I was threatened with a car bomb. I was assaulted and death theeatened over 30 times by complete strangers who told me we dont have free speech in Canada. Including one hit by a car driven in excess of 30 km per hour.

Part of what I objected to were repeated hacks on my computer that a former Military Police working undercover for RCMP as a hardware expert repeatedly fixed. OPP has extensive records of incidents of fraud – twice my bank accouns were hacked and robbed and the banks at the same time. Cheques made out to me were hacked and readdressed to other people in other cities and direct deposits were redirected to accounts in other cities. The hackers were terrorists, not PM Harper. They were foreign operatives.

In 2006 when I tried to access the Muhammad cartoons to see what all the fuss was about, the computer I was using at the public library crashed. I’d first tried google, got no hits, then yahoo and got no hits, then finally got the cartoons from a blog on msn.com (not msn.ca). I got the reference librarian so she witnessed what happened next. The computer turned itself back on and on the screen appeared a message that read"that content is offensive; tell your server". Not a Canadian loyalist hacker, Stu, but a foreign software spy and intimidation blitz to try to oppress freedom.

We are being watched all the time, Stu, but not only by our people. If our people are watching, they aren’t stealing assets, threatening people of conscience for defending the Constitution, or hitting people with cars. They are trying to stop such crimes.

And let me be clear. By “our people” I mean Canadians loyal to the Constitution. There are enemies amongst us – in our police, our Crown resources, our civil service. But they are not “our people”. Our people defend democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law by legislation written by the representatives of a free and democratic people – not rule by caliphate lawyers, cops, judges.

And listen, Stu, if you think a jail cell is secure, you have never been harassed. Part of how I was targeted was with SWATTING and other misuse of police including by a hacker who placed falsehoods in my personal information so police three times arrested me. The first time, I was placed into segregated confinement and denied access to a phone. I was delivered a death threat by a woman convicted of two murders waiting sentencing. The superintendent told me. They then put a mole in my cell with me, a kick boxer, who defended me when the woman came into the room while I was showering with a blade in her hand. Jail is not secure. It is where enemies in our system put politicsl dissidents. I learned really quickly who was who. There are lots of loyal Canadians in our system but they often have very little power. It was due to them I survived because they figured it out and got me out.

You need to look a little closer at what is going on. Of course there are some real evil-doers in our midst including in civil service government positions. But they are not agents of our Constitution or of our democracy, nor are they agents of our rights and fredoms, or our rule of law. That system, however imperfect, is under dire and imminent threat from foreign aggression.
commented 2015-04-21 20:49:52 -0400
Stu Gatzo
What do you think we Canadians should do here in Canada? So far it is just a few planes and a few soldiers doing some training. Is that enough?Are we the only ones on the ground? What about the rest of the world? Meanwhile Obama plays golf?
How about an inquiry into who is adding the enemy over here?
commented 2015-04-21 18:13:31 -0400
Anyone from this Country, who leaves to go and fight for Islam is a Traitor and as such, should not be allowed to return.
commented 2015-04-21 15:34:18 -0400
Joan, your attack was in 2002, the war on terrorism started in 2001. Link?
Did we have terrorists in our underwear before that? Of course not. Now everyone who uses force – except the authorities – are called terrorists. It’s become generic. What has happened since 2001 in Canada? Well, our rights are being chipped away at slowly but surely; one bit of legislation at a time. Baby steps to us.
We have to look around and see what’s really going on. All the spying on our phone calls, e-mails, etc. have not stopped any bombings or terrorist acts in the US for example. All the so called foiled attempts have been entrapment by the FBI, setup to make themselves look good and keep you in fear. Reporters went looking for ISIS in Mexico and couldn’t find them.
I lived through the October Crisis and am convinced more so today that it was the dress rehearsal for what’s going on today. Too many similarities between Crazy Pete and Obummer.
We have to make a decision: stand up to bullies and enjoy our hard fought freedoms or give in to them and give up our freedoms. I made my decision, as you can see.
" If you want security go to jail. There you’ll get three meals a day and have all the security you want but you wont be free" – Dwight D Eisenhower
commented 2015-04-21 14:48:52 -0400
I totally agree Joan, people need to start facing reality and the reality is that after 9/11 everything changed and it is only going to get worse, these madmen hate the west, hate the infidels (anyone who isn’t a Muslim) and even hate any muslim sects that do not follow their hard line of sharia law.
This morning on Canada A.M. a young man named Johnnie Moore who recently wrote a book called ‘Defying ISIS’ was interviewed, He is claiming Christian genocide and said if we aren’t prepared to fight them over there then we better be prepared to fight them here…..
commented 2015-04-21 11:44:58 -0400
Listen, Stu, in 2002 – and that was long before anyone in Canada worried about the terrorist threat – I was attacked by three hooded men at my job teaching at a Canadian university. Police described as “a terrorist” the attacker who told them he sat in the parking lot watching me for a week before the attack to determine my schedule. They told me it was no longer safe to go back on campus without a police escort. And I was a complete nobody, not some Daniel Pipes who also required heavy security when he spoke at York University because of the threat from radical Islamists. I had, however, criticized a campus cop for openly promoting genocide of the Jews.

Do you believe things have got better in Canada since then? Not a chance.

Theo Van Gogh was murdered with a knife that stabbed a list of names to his chest. The list targeted individuals the jihadis wanted to kill for their ideas. That strategy of first killing individuals whose ideas pose a threat is called intellectual cleansing. It is the first wave of terrorist attack and paves the way for more social, government, justice and police intimidation, incursions on freedom, violations of our rule of law and eventually mass murders.

Our PM and his family have been repeatedly threatened and those are only the published incidents.

Of course we under under imminent threat, despite what too many who post here believe to the contrary. IS is asking your Muslim neighbours (do you know who they are?) to attack you for no reason other than you are not them. Do you think we have such a paucity of unstable narcissistic psychopaths sympathetic to jihadi wound-collecting willing to do that to you and to me that they pose no threat? That none will do one better and explode themselves in a food court in a mall?

Seriously, dude. Watch your back.
commented 2015-04-21 10:49:38 -0400
Did CSIS get their additional funding? If not, then a false flag attack will most likely happen.
Don’t forget that the RCMP is the 4th branch of the Canadian military. They’ve been caught entrapping people so they could arrest them later on as terrorists.
The first casualty of war is the truth. The greatest weapon the government has directed at you is to keep you in fear – just like the Nazi did in the 1930’s. Read this:
Stay calm, stay alert and trust politicians the least. Learn from what is happening to the USA citizens.
commented 2015-04-21 09:44:21 -0400
Canada and Canadians have enjoyed the freedom of travel. There was a time that Canadians and Americas crossed their borders with no more than welcome, how times have changed. We face a war declaired by ISIS and other Islamic groups. Is it time we consider exit visa’s? Is it time we consider entry visas from countries with a Muslim population on 1 or 2 percent? Being aware that would include all of Europe but it wouldn’t be the first time a country needs a entry visa or uses an entry visa. Here is a site you can view. http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories
Is it time we Canadians institute travel visa’s I think so. Do you?