August 31, 2016

St. John’s paper denounces its own “hateful” readers — on the front page

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The managing editor of the St. John’s Telegram wrote a front page article defending one of the women who works at the paper. Tara Bradbury had been writing about things like "micro aggressions at the volunteer fire department."

Do you think that’s a way to sell newspapers in St. John’s, Newfoundland?

On the Internet, people criticized her article. Some fairly, some unfairly.

When you see how the paper reacted to that, it becomes clear why newspapers are dying out…

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commented 2016-09-05 13:57:54 -0400
The lamestream media is full of snowflakes, whether it be defending feminism or islamism!
commented 2016-09-01 03:28:09 -0400
Anonymous they were not given a level playing filed otherwise they would have done well.
commented 2016-09-01 03:05:29 -0400
And yet, it was the Sun News network that was not financially viable. Go figure.
commented 2016-08-31 22:55:41 -0400
I love the irony of the national post courting Jeff bezos, by running Washington post anti trump hatred..oh please Mr bezos stanch the bleeding.
commented 2016-08-31 18:30:01 -0400
Well, you live by the welfare code and you die by the welfare code – pretty much all of the east coast are welfare suckers and afraid to even stand up for the kids being abused by islamics in schools – no pity from me.

The east coast has been essentially gone from reality fro the past generation.

Surviving on western oil created transfer payments – yet denying their own countrymen a living in oil and worshipping despotic nations who they buy that oil from instead.

Some day they might grow some brains – but I doubt it will happen within my life time.

I was born there – left there – and will never go back.

No one with an east coast license plate will ever work for me.
commented 2016-08-31 13:07:41 -0400
Bill Elder

No comments allowed in your link. They’re sore about that. Good on them.
commented 2016-08-31 12:55:08 -0400
The reason for leftist injustice in editorial control is because their narratives don’t stand up to open reasoned debate – that simple. Editors of these dinosaurs are to absorbed spinning the false narratives in their dead tree enterprises they don’t see the comet approaching.

People realize they needn’t pay to have their intelligence insulted, which is why the print media who spin the old line leftard narratives are in financial free fall. I note their on line editions suffer the same fate.
commented 2016-08-31 12:46:49 -0400
Go to the Telegram and leave a thoughtful, conservative comment. See for yourself. They censor anything that allows people to see conservatives as thoughtful. They only allow conservative leaning posts if they come from stupid people. The Telegram is engaged in Orwellian censorship. A disgusting liberal propaganda front. I told them long ago everyone was going to figure this out and then turn on them. Lo and behold.

Soon they will all be in an EI line up in Dwight’s liberal austerity paradise. They deserve it.
commented 2016-08-31 12:35:40 -0400
Every where I look these days political correctness, cultural marxism, self-deprecating leftism, regressive progressivism, whatever you wish to label the current mass of popular SANCTIMONIOUS VACUITY is “jumping the shark”.

That is to say, the purveyors of these rationally depraved ideologies and political memes feel so insipidly confident in the infallibility of their immeasurably fallible thinking, that they openly/publicly commit what I refer to intellectual suicide on a daily basis.

There is no greater contributor to intellectual suicide than the ideologically regressed MSM – in this case they feel cutting their own throat with their readership is justified because whatever inane narrative they were attempting to pimp did not result in 100% conformity – and like good little fascist snowflakes everywhere they can’t stand to debate their fallible position and opt to attack a dissenting opinion with slurs or intellectual violence.

Most discourse with these intellectual suiciders ends with the affirmation of Godwin’s law as an accurate absolute truth.
commented 2016-08-31 12:18:40 -0400
Notice the tag line? "The People’s Paper – just like the marxists and nothing could be further from the truth.

The job of “The Telegram” is the propagative liberal policy and call it news.

Oh wait, in the US, their own “media party” is admitting that they will never recover from the bullshit they are pumping out to promote “Hillary the criminal” into the white house.

But the media party has been doing this for liberals for decades – stupid naive Canadians strike again.

Canadians who believe the media party deserve the financial raping that they get from these marxist pigs like Trudeau, Wynne and Notley.

Wake the fuck up Canada!!!!