February 13, 2019

Samford U suggests breast binding to prevent bouncing boobs at Step Sing event — for “safety” reasons?

David MenziesMission Specialist

If any aspiring female college students are thinking of attending Alabama’s Samford University, you might want to bring along some duct tape… to bind your breasts!

According to a story on AL.com, university officials have told all-women groups taking part in the school’s annual singing and dancing competition, Step Sing, to bind their breasts, ostensibly to prevent any noticeable movement of their mammary glands during their performances.

The school’s statement on the matter read, verbatim:

“Step Sing has been a cherished tradition on the Samford campus for nearly 70 years. As is the case with all theatrical productions, emotions run high and organizers often require last minute changes to costumes and routines. Every year male and female groups receive feedback during dress rehearsal. The professional lighting and high definition video used in this year’s production created issues with costumes that were addressed in order to ensure that none of our students were embarrassed or singled out by what the lights could show. More than 50,000 people will see this year’s performance in person or via the live stream. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students.”

It’s unclear what these mysterious “issues” are, or how a bouncing boob is classified as a “safety” issue, but I guess everything on college campuses is a safety issue these days.

Even so, why doesn’t Samford go all in and have the female performers don burqas? After all, when it comes to the fine art of modesty, surely there are lessons to be learned from radical Islam!

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commented 2019-02-14 10:48:21 -0500
It’s all Stepping and Singing until someone loses an eye…
commented 2019-02-14 05:25:15 -0500
Tuck n tape for males as well? lol
commented 2019-02-13 22:06:26 -0500
These people are nuts. Its going to backfire, just wait. Some little girl is going to do a full frontal flash, right in the middle of the show.