STAND WITH FORD: Support Bill 5 and the Toronto city council downsizing

Rebel Staff

An Ontario judge named Edward Belobaba struck down the Better Local Government Act also known as Bill 5.

That law would have cut the number of politicians who run Toronto city hall down from 47 to 25.

47 politicians for a city is absurd; the planned 25 politicians would match the boundaries of the federal and provincial districts. It was a smart idea — as the late Rob Ford would say, it took on the gravy train.

The law passed in the Ontario legislature and everything was supposed to be in effect for the forthcoming Toronto election.

But to hell with democracy — an extremist, left-wing judge thinks he’s the premier of the province, not Doug Ford. He just ripped up the law — even though the City of Toronto’s own legal department acknowledges that the province has the jurisdiction to make decisions like this.

This isn’t the first time that Judge Belobaba has made a shocking decision. Just last year, the same judge ruled in favour of the convicted-terrorist Omar Khadr.

When Khadr was given a $10.5 million gift from Justin Trudeau, the family of Sgt. Christopher Speer tried to freeze the government's payout, so they could get some compensation for his murder. But Belobaba quickly refused the case, siding with Khadr.

I think Belobaba should quit being a judge, and run for the NDP, and see how many Ontarians support his far-left politics. 

Until then, we need to help Doug Ford fight back against the gravy train, and its elitist protectors in the courts.

Please help me do two things:

1. Sign this petition to Doug Ford and let him know that you support his legislation.

2. Help us fund a public opinion poll to find out what Ontarians really believe — do they support this unelected judge, or the elected premier of Ontario, Doug Ford?

Doug Ford is doing what he said he’d do — standing up for taxpayers, fighting the gravy train. But a small group of elites, including an extremist judge, are trying to stop us all.

Please support Premier Ford and sign our petition below. 

Sign the petition!

I support the decision of Ontario Premier Doug Ford to reduce the size of Toronto city council. The Premier must use all the resources available to implement this reduction before the Toronto election. 

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