May 17, 2019

Stanford admins not happy with guest Andrew Klavan's opinions on Islam

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Andrew Klavan of The Daily Wire spoke at Stanford University this week, but not everyone was happy to see him there.

Referencing a video in which Klavan critiqued jihad or political Islam, two administrators claim Klavan distorted “the tenets of the Muslim faith, equating Islam with violence and barbarism.”

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commented 2019-05-18 23:40:16 -0400
There is no difference between Islam as a political ideology and Islam as a “religion”. They are two sides of the same coin. Shimshock is uninformed.
commented 2019-05-18 10:55:53 -0400
Maurice, you’re just muddying the waters with facts. you need to stop doing that. Facts and truth are so 1980- back when students demanded them.

It is apparent how deeply Saul Alinsky has infiltrated the West and especially institutions of learning. The intentional angle of attack is to lie about your ends and to play with the definition of words and to play semantic games a la, Mr Babies Are Parasites and John Wick De Silva et al.

A video that reveals who he was and the approach he took:
commented 2019-05-17 23:45:20 -0400
Wow … how did a contrary challenging opinion make it onto a university campus !!!!!
Didn’t think it possible
How did their PC Orwellian censor patrol mob miss this guy ?