April 28, 2017

Star Trek “ASIMIL8” license plate deemed “offensive” in Manitoba after complaints

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A Star Trek fan's license plate has been revoked by Manitoba’s public insurance company after the plate was deemed “offensive”.

Nick Troller's plate reads “ASIMIL8”. He says Trekkies will recognize this reference to The Borg, the cyborg antagonists in many of the series films and episodes.

According to CTV, Troller keeps it inside a licence plate holder that says: “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.”

However, on Wednesday, he got a call from someone at Manitoba Public Insurance who said that someone complained that “assimilate” is offensive to indigenous people.

On Thursday he got a letter telling him to “surrender” the “offensive” plate. Troller disagrees with the decision.

“We’ve become way too sensitive. You can’t say anything anymore to anybody,” he said.

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Ry Moran, from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, agrees that the plate is offensive. “For basically the entirety of this country’s history, indigenous peoples have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways,” he said.

Okay, that's fine and dandy, but the plate literally has nothing to do with indigenous peoples.

It could also be argued that MPI's policies are completely outrageous. As it states, “plates cannot contain a slogan that could be considered offensive.” But what isn't at least considered offensive to one person?

Do you agree with Troller than we've become too sensitive? Let us know in the comments.

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commented 2017-04-28 22:59:26 -0400
Allan Peterson, “Since the left wing is a bottomless well of grievance it would mean job security for eternity”. So true!
commented 2017-04-28 15:06:51 -0400
I know! Lets start a government department that decides before hand which words and phrases might be considered offensive. Since the left wing is a bottomless well of grievance it would mean job security for eternity.
commented 2017-04-28 13:38:48 -0400
Ridiculous. I suppose the dictionary will now be made illegal as it contains the work Assimilate.