August 06, 2015

State of Sinai to kill Croatian hostage, the latest of 40 Palestinian terrorist attacks and more Middle East news

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

ISIS affiliated terrorist group, the State of Sinai, has threatened to kill Croatian hostage Tomislav Salopek if Egypt doesn't release Muslim female captives PLUS:

* In the past week, there have been over 40 Palestinian terrorist attacks, the latest on Thursday wounding three Israeli's near the Shiloh junction in the West Bank;

* In a deal that will cost about 1 billion dollars in total, China is reportedly prepared to sell Iran some of its J10 multirole fighter jets;

* A ritual bath was found during construction in Jerusalem. Based on the drawings, symbols and Aramaic writing found on the walls, archaeologists place it in the second temple period.


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commented 2015-08-12 03:50:28 -0400
It is difficult to say anything in response to the killing, rape, and brutality of ISIS and other terrorist organizations and tyrannical governments. Hate is an immediate emotion that rushes forward and begins to cloud any rational response. Hate for the crimes against the innocent is what I think most of us feel. What I think we should all try to understand is that these people committing these horrific acts believe they are justified and in the right! It is interesting to note that almost all despots, murderers, terrorists, and the like think themselves in the right or are justified. These ISIS people believe that they are doing good! How could they possibly believe this?! There must be something that informs their world view to allow such atrocities to be committed without interrupting their moral conscience. I do not believe that these people are all insane (although it would be an easy use of hyperbole to call them that). What is interesting to see is that while ISIS is the most extreme many legitimate governments in the region have barbaric and intolerant laws that inflict injustice as well. Those who know the culture of the Middle East know these governments are often based on Sharia law. Here is where I start to get politically incorrect. Just like not all ideas are equal, just like not all systems of government are not equal or desired, so too not all cultures are equal or desirable. What is more, not all religions are equal. There, I said it. It is the white elephant that no one will discuss. I have mentioned elsewhere that in the west we have effectually shut down the discussion of religion in the public square. This is due to politically correct sensibilities – which really amounts to ’don’t tell me how to live my life or what is right or wrong’. Well, here we are now. The west is eyeball to eyeball with a religion called Islam. The West has left itself without a moral compass, abandoned its Judeo-Christian values, and is trying to put the square peg of liberal secularism into the round hole of radical Islam. There is no political solution to this problem. Tolerance will not perform the magic trick unless the trick is to convert to Islam or die. Secularists of the West – wake up! Religion is coming for you whether you like it or not. Government cannot protect you from cultural shifts and from the belief’s and convictions held deep in the human heart. Here in Canada, the USA, Europe and other ‘progressive’ countries we have thrown off the ‘superstions’ and ‘ignorance’ of religion and have adopted more sophisticated humanist philosophies that are taking us into a brave new world. What nobody tells you is that this brave new world is filled with more Hate than ever before. In the marketplace of religions there are a lot of shops to buy from. These shops in the religious market place include Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and all the others. In the mix of religions is secular humanism. Like it or not what we are seeing in our life time is a show down of the religion of secular humanism versus Islam. I am no prophet but I can say with little doubt that our religion of secular humanism is no match for Islam. Our so called liberty, tolerance, baseless values, and materialism are no match for the convicted Muslim. I love freedom and democracy and the rule of law that I know and live under. But these things are being eroded by our own vacuous philosophies and baseless justifications for the values we ostensibly believe. Values and freedom are only as strong as the convictions of those who hold them. While groups like ISIS carry out their brutal attacks inspired by hate for the west and love for their prophet and God I fear that what inspires the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens is flimsy secularism. Generally speaking, we have a weak identity as a country and a society. We have weak convictions and a small weak God. We have a poor sense of right and wrong and our lack of courage would embarrass those who came before us. I love my country and I am grateful for the privilege of living in freedom, relative safety, affluence and wealth. But I think we need to begin a dialogue that is a little more self critical. We also need to do a thorough examination of our values and beliefs. After all, do we really think a constitution or a charter will protect us against the cultural undercurrents that are ready to take us under? Laws are only as good as the people who agree to live by them. Freedom does not mean there are no consequences to our decisions or indecision. Societies change based on individual choices and individual beliefs and individual world views. Politics matter. Philosophy matters. And Religion matters!

I know we would like to think that problems at home and abroad could be fixed without discussing religion but what is politics without religion? Maybe someone should ask this question of ISIS? I bet we would find out something more scary than their murderous intents. I think we would discover that we do not have the courage, character, strength, conviction, or moral compass to even talk about religion let alone fight one.
commented 2015-08-07 11:56:55 -0400
Interesting coverage.
commented 2015-08-06 19:12:00 -0400
Where are our lefty trolls condemning these atrocities? Oh, I forgot, Islam is a religion of peace. These stories must be fiction!
commented 2015-08-06 18:44:13 -0400
I hope that Israel is ‘Nuke Launch ready’. Chinese Fighter Jets (do they fly sideways), Obama Nukes. What next? UK Poison Gas? Obama is a traitor to Western Civilisation.The NDP and Liberals can be put into the same category, with their mass immigration promises to their Muslim Brothers. F um All.
commented 2015-08-06 18:01:59 -0400
Phuck islamic shariah 7th century FASCISM!!…
They will kill him regardless!
And many, many, MANY more…
These islamic parasites cannot be trusted as far as one can spit!
WHY do we keep importing these inbred misfits of nature?

… mo is a “hoe & pedophile” who likes his kids “in” the down low regions…
(Female “PRIVATE” area that is “CUT OFF” @12 YOA even to this day…
… مو هو “مجرفة والاستغلال الجنسي للأطفال الذي يحب أطفاله” في "المناطق المنخفضة أسفل …
(أنثى منطقة “الخاصة” التي “قطع” @ 12 YOA حتى يومنا هذا …
حتى في كندا !!!)

~ Just saying…
فقط أقول …