September 27, 2017

Status of Women “tantrum”: Liberal-NDP members storm out over Conservative MP’s nomination

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Liberal members of the Status of Women committee stormed out of a meeting to protest the Conservative Party's nomination of Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder for chair.

But the Liberals weren't alone in their stunt. Their tantrum was bolstered by NDP support.

Harder is a Millennial who won her riding with nearly 60 per cent of the vote.

If she were a Liberal, she would be championed as an example of a strong, modern woman.

So why do the Liberals think she is unfit for the job?

Harder may or may not be pro-life. She hasn't even said either way, but that's just not enough for the Liberals; today's feminism means controlling women's privately held personal convictions.

The Liberals may be in government but they are so entitled and corrupt that they think they should be able to control the opposition too – demanding Andrew Scheer have his party nominate someone the Liberals approve of.

WATCH me prove that only Conservative women, and not Liberal men, have to pass the Liberal’s purity test before they get promotions.

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commented 2017-10-18 23:58:18 -0400
Nuff said. Feminists walk out on woman chairing a committee. I guess there leftist beliefs override their feminism. But leftist is feminist? But woman is conservative. Does not compute. Delete. Delete. Does not compute. Wait for proper information. Does not compute….Computer freeze…………..
commented 2017-10-18 23:44:02 -0400
I love the charging, biting indignation of these shorts that you do. I think The Gunn show should have them at the end of each episode. The long format of a full half hour show should include the patient, thoughtful interview style for most of it, but I’m always hoping for a few minutes at the end where you unleash your full analysis and take a few well aimed shots at deserving targets. Ezra is a master at this. Maybe do your interview and then a few hours later do the “viewers letters” (not literally) at the end of the show. Love you Sheila! Keep up the good work!
commented 2017-09-28 18:32:09 -0400
Jayne Kelly said..
“Canada’s lack of any law on abortion. In fact, in Canada, the child in the womb does not even exist”
It is for reasons like that and laws like this shows that man is fallible and all the more reason to follow the word of God..
Just because a law exists Jayne that doesn’t mean that it is sound law or a just law or has been created by sane people.!!
commented 2017-09-28 14:30:48 -0400
At least the Lieberals are still running true to form.
commented 2017-09-28 10:03:58 -0400
JAY KELLY….How did you get out of your straight jacket?
commented 2017-09-28 09:32:06 -0400
From a Liberal fundraising letter:

“…And now, she’s (MP Rachael Harder) not only Andrew Scheer’s Status of Women critic, she’s also his choice to chair the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women.
Liberal MPs were rightly outraged by this — but during Question Period, Conservatives actually applauded her anti-choice stance and Andrew Scheer’s decision.
Reproductive choice is at the foundation of women’s equality, and it’s shameful that Andrew Scheer would choose someone who is not pro-choice — and who does not support trans rights and equality — to lead this committee’s work to build a better future for women all across Canada.
Liberals will not support an anti-choice activist as the Chair and spokesperson for a committee tasked with such important work….”

I think these ‘people’ – Liberals and liberals – don’t realize how totally insane, corrupted and offensive they are to normal, moral people.
commented 2017-09-28 04:04:42 -0400
Well then Vajay Jay, read the story then and practice what you preach. I was commenting to your comment, which clearly has nothing to do with the story.
commented 2017-09-28 03:26:04 -0400
My name is Jay Kelly, and I would appreciate it if that is what I am called. I mentioned the three party leaders: Andrew Scheer, Justin Trudeau, and Thomas Mulcair as three bright men who cannot comment on Canada’s lack of any law on abortion. In fact, in Canada, the child in the womb does not even exist. There is no law prohibiting harm to the fetus because their is no such entity recognized by law.

Mike Krchnak and others think they can make wild political comments on a site like The Rebel with no obligation. It would be better if they reflected on the actual stories and commented with some resepect.
commented 2017-09-28 03:12:53 -0400
While I’m no fan of Andrew Scheer or Tom Mulcair, putting Justin Trudeau in the same category as the other two as great leaders proves once again that Vajay Jay has to have been nipping into the booze and pills again. While none are great leaders, JT can’t even be considered as leader at all.
As for Ms. Harder asking the question posed by Vajay Jay, two of the leaders could easily answer eloquently, but Trudeau…….oh for fuck sakes! There would be stuttterng and stammering like one has never heard with not a single statement of substance on the subject.
It would actually be hilarious if the subject wasn’t so serious.
commented 2017-09-28 01:48:03 -0400
Andrew Scheer, Justin Trudeau, and Thomas Mulcair are three great leaders. White, male, and justice oriented.

What if Rachael Harder asked them about the status of the child in the womb? In Canada we have no law defending the foetus at all, and party leaders have remained silent about it.

Could you imagine if a party leader actually mentioned it? The child in the womb has absolutely no recognition in the law in Canada today and the party leaders are content with that.
commented 2017-09-27 23:27:23 -0400
Timely report — we have to see how scheer reacts

Congrats on your new show SHEILA , you and HOLLY are a big reason we watch the REBEL !!
commented 2017-09-27 22:29:40 -0400
I thought everybody had freedom of religion in this country, but the way I see it only the Liberals are entitled to it. They are becoming more dictatorial every day & capitulation by the Conservatives should not exist. Scheer can show us how Conservative he is by not caving in, otherwise he will be seen as a CINO, a sheep of the Liberal party.
commented 2017-09-27 19:46:52 -0400
So much for Trudeau’s mantra “diversity is our own strength”!
I hope that Scheer doesn’t buckle.
commented 2017-09-27 19:36:00 -0400
She’s not nearly butch enough to be deemed “one of the girls”.
commented 2017-09-27 19:09:55 -0400
This morning, I sent out an email message to Andrew Scheer, Rachel Harder and several other MPs in support of Ms. Harder Who gave the Liberal party the authority to define Women’s rights?
commented 2017-09-27 18:51:18 -0400
Just called CPC headquarters 1-866-808-8407 and left a detailed message to say Andrew Scheer & the CPC need to stand up for Rachel Harder and forget about capitulating to media/political pressure. I asked that my call be returned.
commented 2017-09-27 18:44:36 -0400
So much for Diversity.

But JT always wants to call the tune on what the definition of that is. Of course, he can: he’s a feminist, and he’s on the right side of history, and it’s still 2015.

War is coming.

Be ready.
commented 2017-09-27 18:36:17 -0400
The LPC is in full bully, dictatorial mode. They are pissed off that there are parliamentary rules which allowed the CPC to choose this particular chairman. Damn parliamentary rules get in the way of a good dictatorship. It kinda reminds me of the PM from 1968-84, one would think the current PM is related.
commented 2017-09-27 18:09:45 -0400
Deborah 2 year old children are more mature.
commented 2017-09-27 18:09:07 -0400
Great report Sheila,
Scheer had better back up Rachel Harder, I will be sending him a letter to that effect.

Congratulations Sheila, I look forward to your show, you have earned it in spades!
commented 2017-09-27 18:02:21 -0400
A Conservative?


Could not be happier.

Especially since it PO’d all the right people!!
commented 2017-09-27 17:59:58 -0400
Congratulations Sheila on your show.
I will be shocked if Sheer doesn’t bow down to the liberal tantrum since, so far, he has been nothing but a spineless, mealy-mouthed, glad hander. Such a disappointment for a “leader”.
commented 2017-09-27 17:42:36 -0400
I’ve seen 2-year-old children behave more maturely than these entitled communists.
commented 2017-09-27 17:41:52 -0400
If Scheer caves then he is definitely a liberal.