May 14, 2019

(WATCH) Stephen Harper with PragerU: Why don't you support Israel?

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Stephen Harper teams up with PragerU to lay out several fundamental truths about America’s most critical ally and the only democracy in the Middle East.

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commented 2019-05-14 23:41:35 -0400
What a shame this man isn’t our prime minister today. We now have a foppish man child who hates Israel and loves communist China. That alone speaks volumes. And the insane hatred of Israel proves there’s a spiritual component to this struggle. Why else would any nation and people bo so violently and ardently hated? Why does every nation at one time or another hate Jews without an apparent cause? Because the Devil is behind this monstrous campaign of extermination. Jews have benefitted countless nations and blessed them with their ethic of hard work. But demonically-influenced people stir up hatred against them. Only this spiritual component of anti-semitism explains why these people have been so unfairly and unjustly hated throughout history.
commented 2019-05-14 19:57:25 -0400
Trudeau destroyed Canada,now as Canadians it’s time for us to destroy him.The idiots that voted for this degenerate better take a long hard look before they cast their vote in October!!
commented 2019-05-14 19:52:33 -0400
Mr. Harper! What a man, what a Politician, what a Prime minister he was, and what a Prime Minister he would make again for our Canada.
MAURICE POTVIN’s comment below strikes at the heart of our problems today in our beloved Canada.
There are enough idiots in our country that were and are hell bent on destroying this beautiful Nation. It literately brings tears to my eyes to have to watch the arrogant fool Trudeau destroy Canada.
Come back Mr. Harper, Please Come back and save us.
commented 2019-05-14 17:59:44 -0400
I wish you would be our 24th Prime Minister, Prime Minister Harper.
commented 2019-05-14 17:10:20 -0400
We actually traded this man for the dumbest head of state ever freely elected in any western democracy…. EVER!! Canadian Voters, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!! I didn’t vote for Trudeau, but there were enough idiots in Canada to get him elected so he could completely ruin our country.
commented 2019-05-14 11:35:07 -0400
If any country doesn’t support Israel they are fools and our idiot PM is the biggest fool of them all for pandering to his Islamic brethren!!!
commented 2019-05-14 09:22:15 -0400
Unfortunately, the left doesn’t work on the basis of facts.