April 24, 2019

(WATCH) Louder with Crowder debunks the top 5 socialism lies

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Steven Crowder answers the top 5 socialism lies making the rounds in the United States.

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commented 2019-04-26 20:00:48 -0400
Bernie is playing on people’s stupidity; most took home more on their pay cheques thus reducing their end of year refund! DUH! Also, does everyone not know what y"living within their mean" means?

I started at the bottom and worked my way up. Accordingly, my wage increased. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you work hard!
commented 2019-04-24 13:57:11 -0400
Americans should be thanking Bernie for the timely reminder that democrats are willing to stoop to any depth in order to steal an election with his admission he wants to give prisoners the right to vote. Imagine allowing those incarcerated by the law allowed to have a say in who their lawmakers will be.
commented 2019-04-24 10:35:17 -0400
About 8 million corporations and LLCs, with only 18 paying no tax. So one and a half dozen didn’t pay tax vs “dozens and dozens”.