October 26, 2016

Steven Blaney enters CPC leadership race rekindling niqab debate

Brian LilleyArchive

Steven Blaney, former Conservative Public Safety Minister, has made a loud entrance into the leadership race stating very clearly his desire to defend our Canadian identity.

Blaney has one-upped Kellie Leitch by saying if elected, he’ll bring in a bill that says you can neither vote with a niqab nor receive public services while wearing one.

This was government policy under the conservatives but we all know these positions were very unpopular with the media, with some even saying the election was lost over it.

We did our own polls that showed a strong majority of Canadians agreed that you must show your face when taking the oath of citizenship but regardless of what the people think, it was received wisdom among the English media that this was bad policy so this could hurt Blaney right out of the gate.

There’s no question we need to be able to have open and honest discussions on issues like these in Canada without them being politicized but the English media isn’t going to let that happen.

For that reason alone, his first public policy proposal is probably going to fall flat with the public.

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commented 2016-11-04 13:16:12 -0400
There is nothing bigoted in requesting someone to show there face, this maybe normal to those countries that the potential citizens come from and that is fine, but they are coming to a different country and culture and it is not prejudicial to ask that they respect our laws and culture.
commented 2016-10-28 03:01:51 -0400
Andy I hope your right but how do they stop the voter fraud?
commented 2016-10-28 02:55:23 -0400
I would stop buying into the concentrated media spin about the inevitable triumph of Lying Hillary… The polls, or nearly all of them, are obviously skewed towards the Democrats, but record early voting turnouts indicate that there is a national protest movement afoot in the United States, and come the morning of November the 9th, a lot of the US media, the power brokers in Washington, the US Justice Department, and most pollsters, are going to be seeking early retirement… Hilllary, on the other hand, will be having the biggest “dump” of her life… (And selecting her favourite orange jumpsuit as the morning wears on…)
commented 2016-10-28 01:00:52 -0400
Thanks for that Darren. Yes it does look like Killary is going to win but she’s certainly going to be under the microscope. If she continues what she’s been doing come next election America will be begging for Trump.
commented 2016-10-27 21:48:23 -0400
It hasn’t been ruled by the Supreme Court yet. The conservatives lost in the lower courts and the liberals dropped the fight when they won. There is a reason Trump is still in contention in the US and certainly isn’t the mainstream media reporting fairly! Though I think Trump will loose he has opened people’s eyes to many things that those of us who search for other opinions have known for a long time now. The problem is only going to get worse in Europe probably with the disintegration of the EU, can’t happen soon enough! I’d like to think that what is happening down south isn’t going to go away if crooked hillary wins. I’d like to think that what Daniel Pipes said when he said Europeans will not loose to islam is correct. People will rise up. They are starting to in western societies in Europe and now the US. Time will tell, but when it comes time to fight for my country I won’t become an economic migrant leaving women and children behind. BELIEVE ME!!!
commented 2016-10-27 19:11:14 -0400
I thought the Supreme Court already declared this issue unconstitutional in which case it’s a nonstarter anyway. Time to put right wing judges into the Supreme Court. Too bad there aren’t any left.
commented 2016-10-27 18:37:44 -0400
Stop it already!

This is Canada. You uncover your face in public period.
What is wrong with you Islamists?
Are you so ugly that you need to cover your faces?
As for the tent wearers, hell it must smell nice when you fart!
If we visited your hell hole native lands, we’d be expected to follow your ancient Middle Ages laws or suffer the consequences of not doing so.
Please, dear Muslims, understand, respect and obey Canadian laws, culture and values or go back to the dung heaps from which you sprang.
Oh, just go back, all of you!

commented 2016-10-27 18:27:49 -0400
If Blaney wants to win, then he should his campaign with an emphasis on protecting the Canadian way of life, Canadian culture and ensure that no immigrants get into this country with more than one wife.
Trudeau raised the child allowance for every child in the country . . . this kind of helps out his new voters who come in here with a lot of children.

commented 2016-10-27 17:59:26 -0400
I agree William about this prejudice against PQ politicians. I object to the political culture of PQ of course. The nanny state is a larger presence in Quebec than other provinces. And I don’t like how they get the largess of transfer payments from the West. But there are good conservatives like. Like Bernier. Piladeau who gave Sun News a real shot, and loss millions on it, came from PQ. I mean I’m from Vancouver Island, and we are the only area that actually voted for a Green MP, so our looney bin ratio is probably comparable to Quebec.
commented 2016-10-27 14:41:25 -0400
LISA DAWN CHENEY commented 19 hours ago
No. He’s from Quebec.Bad idea.

Stop being obtuse, so far the only two candidates who are true Conservatives-Blaney and Bernier-happen to be from Quebec. That should not disqualify them automatically. If we want our party to take down the corrupt Liberals we have to start focusing on ideas and not language. The only other true blue Conservative in the race so far is Michelle Rempel, yet Blaney comes from one of the only ridings in Quebec that is consistently conservative. Let’s all work together to elect a true leader based on shared ideals.
commented 2016-10-27 14:40:51 -0400
Well of course any sane, normal Canadian person is going to agree with Blaney on face coverings…
I’m concerned with how this Quebecer did his job as Minister at Veterans Affairs and at Public Safety.
Like what happened to that so-called two year amnesty for CZ and Swiss Arms owners, criminalized overnight by the RCMP, and the High River Gun Grab also perpetrated by the RCMP
“I want a real conservative party run by a real conservative.”
commented 2016-10-27 13:55:59 -0400
Vote against the cultural imperialism of these Muslim women. But if Trump can’t win in the US no way a conservative party can win here.
commented 2016-10-27 12:40:31 -0400
If a liberal lite won the CPC, and managed to get elected, it would be the same as if we just re elected a liberal. I would rather see the CPC rebuild into the party it was meant to be, and in the mean time be a formidable opposition than to have them get elected as the limp liberal lite party.
We don’t need no liberal lite!
I want a real conservative party run by a real conservative. A liberal lite party will lose votes not gain them. I’ll vote libertarian before I vote for a liberal lite cino.
commented 2016-10-27 11:04:19 -0400
They really don’t want to win this, do they? The CPC seems to be intent on following the Trump saga – vote for someone popular in their own ranks, but unelectable outside of it.
commented 2016-10-27 08:23:08 -0400
Sorry Brian, I don’t agree with you. Steven Blaney got my attention right away. I don’t care what some Lib-left idiot writes or reports…Most Canadians agree with him; show your face at swearing-in, voting or when attaining government services. I don’t watch or listen to the CBC and I don’t read the lefty Toronto Star precisely because of the idiocy of their reporters. They may have a soapbox to stand on, but I don’t have to, and I won’t buy into their nonsense.
commented 2016-10-27 06:58:45 -0400
As evidenced below many Conservatives don’t mind voting for the restriction of freedom of speech. Blaney is a fascist. Congrats!
commented 2016-10-27 05:41:00 -0400
And every comment below supports the fact that they / we are falling for the distraction of smoke and mirrors..!
commented 2016-10-27 05:31:58 -0400
These assholes are all the same… “Distract and deploy..”
Yes… The Burka is an issue but right now it’s not as big an issue as a federal carbon tax..
None of these assholes will speak out against the carbon tax because they can’t wait to get their hands on it..
Anybody that wanted to win in the federal arena only needs to say “if they were elected they would remove the carbon tax” but they go on to talk about things like the burqa.instead.. God damn..!!
How stupid can we be..??
Why do we have to sit and take the little bits and crumbs that they throw at us as opposed to our God-given right to freedom..??
commented 2016-10-27 04:46:58 -0400
Had a lot of foolish people not voted for the NDP in the last Federal Election and voted for Harper, we wouldn’t now be burdened with our Little Weenie Prime Minister. The NDP position was as bad as the Liberals, they should have supported common sense, a stable economy, no deficits and freedom. But we are being bankrupted by Justin “The Big Spender” Trudeau. I don’t know if Blaney is making a mistake or not, but it’s already out there so we will have to wait and see. I do think the Traitorous Main Stream Media will do their best to demonize him as they have done with Kelly Leitch. The media will continue doing what they all have to Trump, speak out for freedom, democracy, Christianity, or against political correctness, and they will do their utmost to destroy you with their lies.
commented 2016-10-27 02:20:28 -0400
I disagree with Brian on this one for the simple reason that fewer and fewer Canadians either trust or give a big rat’s ass as to the the “media” think anymore… (Aside from, of course, the usual CBC butt kissers…) The buyouts and firings at Postmedia and The Red Star attest to this loss of audience in recent years, and especially since the blatant hatchet job on Harper going into the last federal election… If Blaney has the guts to put this issue back on the table then good for him and let’s have an open debate….
commented 2016-10-27 01:21:56 -0400
D.ick H.ead chasemytail……don’t use words that you have know idea the meaning of. The current liberals are the the epitome of freedom hating fascists. You leftist regressive are weak minded lemmings. Please hurry along to the cliff.
commented 2016-10-27 00:32:02 -0400
Steven Blaney, I would take over My old favorite Kevin O’Leary who wants to bring Hundreds of Thousands of Lebanese Millennials. O’Leary is half Lebanese; I guess he thinks they will all turn out like him.
commented 2016-10-27 00:29:41 -0400
D.H. Chaisson said, “Steven Blaney wants to criminalize any critique of Israel in Canada.”

D.H., you are a liar.
commented 2016-10-26 23:25:19 -0400
Can we put earplugs and a niqab or burka on Jr, Wynne and Notley plus all the sensitive SJWs before this national discussion gets out of control? We would want to hurt their feelings with what may be honest opinions on the subject.
commented 2016-10-26 22:42:57 -0400
I don’t know what I think about Blaney running, but I do know Canada is ready for some straight talk. Let the name calling begin.
Oh it already did. Chaisson was first out.
commented 2016-10-26 21:59:37 -0400
Steven Blaney wants to criminalize any critique of Israel in Canada. Will the con electorate vote for this freedom-hating fascist? We’ll wait and see.
commented 2016-10-26 21:52:48 -0400
Thanks, Brian for sharing your opinion and keeping us so well informed! I’m hoping that your opinion is wrong on this one. I think that many Canadians are realizing that we can’t trust what the media says, and also think that Canadians are getting really sick of the excruciating minutia of nauseating political correctness. Hope people will appreciate that Mr. Blaney is saying that, we do have a culture, we don’t like the niqab on women. In our culture we expect to see people’s faces.
Thanks again, Brian
commented 2016-10-26 19:57:58 -0400
Blaney reformed the firearms laws but it was not HIS idea.
commented 2016-10-26 19:25:43 -0400
Muslims account for less than 3% of the population, and we’re making wearing a najib an election issue? This is beyond stupid. Our culture considers a face covering to be provocative and threatening; if you insist on wearing one, why can’t we insist that you conform to our culture, or leave the country.

There is no room in Canada for a provocative, confrontational, competitive political system (sharia), which is what islam is. The time to take a stand is now, because 3% will become 5, 10, 20 and then we’re finished.
commented 2016-10-26 19:18:54 -0400
No. He’s from Quebec.Bad idea.