November 09, 2015

"Frankly?" Steven Crowder's CNBC GOP debate spoof is better than the real thing

Rebel Staff

Don't worry if you missed CNBC's Republican presidential debate -- Steven Crowder's version is so much more entertaining:


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commented 2015-11-10 02:08:46 -0500
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commented 2015-11-09 19:17:34 -0500
Jack Carter this is a lot funnier than that pig Walsh comparing Harper to Hitler.
commented 2015-11-09 19:16:55 -0500
Jack Carter please tell your BS to Linda Gibbons or Ezra , did you miss the part when he was prosecuted for 900 days for practicing his right to a free press? Or when Linda goes to jail for 10 years for practicing her right to protest? And please enlighten us as to why only people white, Christian , and male have been charged by those HRC kangaroo courts? And try protesting wind turbines in Ontario.
commented 2015-11-09 18:30:43 -0500
That was really funny!!!
commented 2015-11-09 18:14:57 -0500
Nothing is imaginary being dragged before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for stating one’s opinion.
commented 2015-11-09 16:34:03 -0500

I am glad we both agree that Crowder isn’t funny and that anyone can be funnier than him.
commented 2015-11-09 16:33:00 -0500
The fact of the matter is that Canada is incredibly free – especially compared to America, as I live there as well.

The fact that conservative feel that their rights are being taken away is imaginary or they don’t agree with certain freedoms and thus they feel that their freedom is being taken away due to a difference of opinion or religious views.
commented 2015-11-09 16:28:54 -0500
jack carter…now i cant stop laughing.. insignificant trolls get me everytime..
commented 2015-11-09 16:19:19 -0500
The fact that leading socialist countries hit the top of the list, has me questioning the validity of said findings on Canada. Truthfully Canada number 1 for freedom? Sure, if you are the “get along” crowd you are fine. But if you feel obliged to state your opinion, Canada is not a very free safe. From draconian libel laws, to the kangaroo courts, to hate crime units in various police, and the bullying of the RCMP, I don’t feel safe. Not to mention High River gun grabbing.
commented 2015-11-09 14:43:39 -0500
Not quite as funny as the questions by the CNBC moderators in the real debate but funny nonetheless.
But can’t touch the hilarious stuff one hears from JACK CARTER.
commented 2015-11-09 14:41:14 -0500
Sunday November 8, 2015
Dear Diary;
I should buy a lottery ticket today. Just caught a bit of that Fareed guy on CNN’s GPS and I can hardly believe my luck. It was a picture of ME that he showed while reporting that the Annual Prosperity Index declared a few days ago that Canada is ranked in first place for personal freedom. I was actually a bit worried that the lies that my media buddies were spreading about Stephen Harper being mean and evil, suggesting that he was stealing Canadian’s rights and freedoms, might not stick and would come back to haunt me. If Stevie saw it he must be really pissed off now. Ha ha.
commented 2015-11-09 14:26:22 -0500
You know that The Rebel doesn’t have a sense of humor – when they find Steven Crowder to be funny.