March 30, 2015

Still looking for clues in Air Canada crash

Brian LilleyArchive

Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with an Air Canada jet that landed short of the runway in a snow storm in the early hours Sunday.

Flight AC624 was travelling from Toronto to Halifax. Bad weather delayed the landing but when a break came the pilot attempted to land. With that information public and being discussed widely, officials was warning not to jump to conclusions.

The Transportation Safety Board has sent a number of investigators to the scene and Airbus, the French company that manufactured the A320 plane will send their own team.

Part of the investigation will be to look at the plane's design and manufacture.

The plane touched down 335 meters or 1,100 feet short of the runway tearing off the plane's nose, landing gear and throwing the 133 passengers and five crew members to and fro.

In total 23 people were taken to hospital, none with critical injuries.

The scene was described as chaotic with power being shut down at the airport, likely the result of the plane taking out power lines as it crashed.


With the crash of the Germanwings plane in the French Alps last week still fresh on the mind, this Air Canada crash drew plenty of international attention such as the ABC News report below.

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commented 2015-03-30 18:19:28 -0400
None of the reports talk about either the controllers or aircrew performance, so I suspect human factors will be a major part of the cause. The media will not mention these aspects as they fear litigious unions.
commented 2015-03-30 17:16:11 -0400
I haven’t heard any news about the pilots — age, experience etc. I did hear one report that said the weather wasn’t bad enough that they should have had any difficulty landing but time will tell. It would also be good to know why the buses took an hour to get to the passengers. It sounded like standing out in the cold was the worst part for them. This hasn’t been a good week for airline travel!
commented 2015-03-30 13:26:24 -0400
I got most of the information I needed, plane crash, survivors, weather problems and pilots decision and fuel level.
Now I will sit back and wait for the report whenever that comes out.
I wont be holding my breath.
Who tosses the coin?
commented 2015-03-30 10:59:06 -0400
Aviation incident/accident investigations are extremely complex and complicated. But one thing is a given. A comprehensive and exhaustive investigation almost always leads to an improvement in safety. For the passengers that believe in God , they should be very thankful. For those that don’t ,they can thank lady luck because they came mighty close to having a very bad last day .
commented 2015-03-30 10:58:45 -0400
A whole lot of bad reporting on this one. I suppose the media is fearful of legal prosecution by the airlines…they should still be telling people the truth about what happened.
commented 2015-03-30 10:34:53 -0400
Just glad no casualties.