Stop Rachel Notley's war on fun. Fight back against the OHV ban!

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Rachel Notley and the NDP are waging a war on fun.

Notley's attempt to turn Alberta into a nanny state has collided with Albertans love of nature. 

Rachel Notley is banning off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in a new provincial wilderness park, a place called Castle Park near the Crowsnest pass in southern Alberta.

It’s 1000 square kilometers of mountains and foothills on the Eastern slopes of the Rockies.

In 2014, the former PC government started planning a new park. It was Castle Wilderness Park and most people thought it was a good idea -- especially since people who actually use and enjoy the land were assured that they could continue to use the land the way they had always been able to.

One of the allowed activities in the new castle park was promised to be off-highway vehicles on designated trails.

But when the Park was announced on January 20th, all that had suddenly changed. Off-highway vehicle use and random camping would be phased out over 3 years.

The people who actually use the park and the OHV organizations who maintain the park were blindsided. They were being kicked out -- even though they were told they could be there. Even though the public consultations showed that over half of the people consulted were fine with OHVs being in the park on designated trails.

The Off-Highway Vehicle Associations say they aren't being heard, respected, and their contribution to the Alberta economy isn't being considered. They’re concerned about the impact the ban will have on the local Crowsnest pass businesses that rely on their dollars being spent.

A study done by the Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Association of Canada shows that Alberta outspends the rest of the country by huge portion on OHVs. Estimates show there are anywhere up to 234,000 OHVs in the province with 11,000 people employed in the industry in Alberta.

The OHV industry alone contributes between $4.5 to nearly $6 billion to the Canadian economy. OHVs are big deal even if the NDP don't understand just how much of an economic impact OHVs have.

Now a series of townhalls, town halls where no NDP MLAs are showing their faces at, are popping up all across the province. The townhalls are being

The town halls are being organized by the Quad Squad and the Off-Highway Vehicle Associations. These organizations are the ones that devote thousands of manhours and tens of thousand of dollars in infrastructure to maintain the trail systems near and in Castle -- thats infrastructure and trails that they can no longer use 3 years from now.

I don’t like the idea that government bureaucrats that have never been on a quadding trip are making these rules. The NDP don’t have a social license to ban quads from the new park.

If you agree, please sign my petition below. 

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Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP government must keep their promise and drop their ban on off-highway vehicles in Castle Parks. 

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