Stop Tzeporah Berman's anti-oil brainwashing of Alberta kids!

Rebel Staff

In June, the University of Alberta shamefully gave an honorary degree to the anti-oil extremist David Suzuki. What a disgrace. But now the Alberta Teachers' Association wants to top that. 

They've invited a paid, foreign, anti-oil and anti-pipeline lobbyist named Tzeporah Berman, to speak to their teacher's conference next month, as their honoured guest speaker. 

Berman is leading the charge against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion; she is still trying to kill the Keystone XL pipeline; she gloated when the Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines were stopped.

There’s really no other way to put this: she hates the oil and gas industry. It’s a hatred — and she’s paid to hate it, paid by her foreign lobbyist bosses.

She used to work for Greenpeace International, now she works for an anti-oil lobby group based in the U.S. Not criticizing U.S. oil, of course. And certainly not criticizing OPEC conflict oil. She’s never campaigned against Saudi Arabia or Iran. Just against Canada.

But the Alberta Teachers' Association loves that about her — they think her ideas are “legitimate”: Let me quote from the Calgary Herald:

“(Berman) does have a legitimate perspective that is shared by people both in Alberta and more broadly,” said ATA spokesman Jonathan Teghtmeyer in an interview Saturday."

Sorry, killing Alberta jobs is not a legitimate point of view — not one that should be pushed on teachers, to push on students. 

What’s so gross here is that every single teacher in Alberta is forced, by law, to join this extremist union. And every single teacher in Alberta is forced to pay union dues to cover Berman’s speaking fee and other costs. Are there any teachers in Alberta who oppose this extremist, anti-Alberta, anti-oil speaker? Or would they be afraid to speak up, in case their teacher's union bosses punished them?

So, we're going to stop Tzeporah Berman by doing two things: 

1. I've started a petition to demand that the Alberta Teachers' Association stop Berman from coming to this event, to poison the minds of young Aboriginals. Please sign the petition, and we’ll personally deliver it to the Teachers' Association in advance of their meeting. 

2. We need to deprogram these oilsands haters like Berman. So, I want to send a copy of my best-selling book called Ethical Oil: the case for Canada’s oilsands to all 2,388 schools in Alberta. The book was a huge bestseller, and really helped rebut a lot of lies told by people like Berman. My publisher has agreed to provide a deep discount, and of course, I will waive my fee, but the cost of printing and shipping that book will still be momentous. Would you please help me send a new copy of my book to every school in Alberta?

Do you think this is the right approach?

A massive petition telling the teachers union to dis-invite that hater. And a positive step — sending a copy of Ethical Oil to every library in every school in the province?

If so, please sign the petition. And help us tell these kids — especially Aboriginal kids — that the oilsands are the best things that have happened to Alberta, no matter what some foreign-funded hater says.

Sign the petition!

The Alberta Teachers' Association must rescind its invitation to Tzeproah Berman

Will you sign?