Stop the UK's Foreign Aid To Pakistan!

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Pakistan is known for state-sponsored terrorism.

It’s an extremist, radical state home to some of the greatest monsters on earth – and yet, the British government showers it with money. Our money.

In 2016, the UK government gave £463 million in foreign aid to Pakistan, with as many as 235,000 Pakistani families receiving £34.50 on pre-paid cards to spend however they like.

This is a disgrace.

Not only has Pakistan helped the Taliban, but in a total capitulation to violent extremists, the country’s justice system sentenced a Christian woman to death for blasphemy. Asia Bibi, 54, spent nine years on death row before being acquitted last month. 

Pakistan does not deserve our money — so, we’re calling on the British government to stop foreign aid to Pakistan.

There is a flicker of hope.

Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt has called for the foreign aid system to change. She wants more opportunities for the private sector to help assist developing countries.

But that is not enough — we need to go further. After all, Trump has already slashed the United States’ aid to Pakistan by $300 million!


1. Will you join us in calling on Penny Mordaunt to revise her plans for the foreign aid system and cut off Pakistan completely? If so, please sign the petition below.

2. We think the British people agree that Pakistan should not receive a penny — but we want to prove it. Let’s commission an opinion poll of British public opinion on the UK’s financial aid to Pakistan. We’ll deliver the results of the poll to the government, along with the petition. We estimate that the cost of the opinion poll will be roughly £2,000. If you’d like to help us recoup the cost of this invaluable research, please click here to donate.

Join us in this campaign, and let’s take the fight straight to the politicians. We just need to tell them to get on with it!

Sign the petition!

We demand that Penny Mordaunt, UK Secretary of State for International Development, revise her plans for the foreign aid system and cut off Pakistan completely.

Will you sign?