Stop Big Brother! Say "No" to Statistics Canada power grab

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We need to stop "Big Brother" from coming to Canada and we need your help.

Statistics Canada is looking to expand their powers on a massive scale and some of what they are proposing should worry every community group, not-for-profit and small business. They want to be able to force you to hand over any data file they deem relevant under punishment of law.

Statistics Canada currently has a policy paper out asking for the law to be changed to give them this extraordinary power. Here's the quote,

that the Agency can require anyorganization to provide any data file in its possession, that originates with that organization, to StatisticsCanada for statistical purposes. Source

That's a pretty broad and sweeping statement, it would seem to encompass anything and everything they could want.

To say “any organization” and “any data file” is pretty sweeping.

But the national statistics office didn’t stop there, they spelled out some of what they would be looking for.

This would include, without restricting the generality of the provision, such things as: building permit records and property evaluation records from municipal governments; health insurance records, motor vehicle registration and vital statistics records from provincial government departments; and electrical service billing files, credit card transaction files, cellular telephone transaction files, point of sale product code scanner transaction files and internet search transaction files. Source

They want all of your files, a classic "Big Brother" move.

All Canadians left and right should be united against this. It doesn’t matter if you are a New Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or Green, this kind of intrusive data collection can’t be allowed.

It shouldn’t matter if you were for or against the return of the mandatory long form census, this is a data grab on par with the NSA in the United States.

So please sign our petition below and send the Trudeau government a loud and clear message that you don’t support these measures.

Statistics Canada is asking the government for these powers, but no decision has been made yet, so now is the time to act.

Sign the petition now.

Sign the petition!

Statistics Canada shouldn't be given the power to obtain "any data file" from "any organization." Any requests for information from Statistics Canada should be voluntary. 

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