Segregated swimming pools on the rise: Stop sharia from creeping into Canada!

Brian LilleyArchive

Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal government asked the University of Regina to expand their existing summer program to include Syrian refugee children.

This should have been a great way to introduce refugee children to Canadian culture. 

Instead, thanks to the administration of the school, Canadian children are being introduced to sharia values.

In the past boys and girls used to swim together, now they swim apart. They are segregated.

So rather than introduce the Syrian kids to Canadian culture, the University of Regina decides to introduce Canadian children to sharia swimming and claimed this is about diversity.

Harold Reimer, Dean of kinesiology at the University of Regina defended the actions, saying it was segregated swimming or no swimming at all.

If those opportunities weren't presented those children wouldn't be participating to be blunt. I think that would be unfortunate.

This sort of thing happens across the country, including in publicly funded pools.

In Ottawa, there are city pools that refuse to allow boys over the age of six to take part in what are described as women only family swims. During this time the men’s change room is locked, male lifeguards are taken off shift and sent to the office, and blinds are drawn so that no wandering male eyes are able to gaze on a woman swimming.

These rules are there for Ottawa’s sizeable Muslim population, but the rules bear no resemblance to Canadian values. 

This is replicated across the country in community after community.

We need to put a stop to sharia values coming into Canada. 

Dean Reimer says segregating swims, not allowing 8 year old boys and girls to swim together is about diversity and openness. He fails to see what it really is, a complete and total rejection of Canadian values.

If you believe in Canada, and don't want to see Canadian values being thrown away for capitulating to sharia, then sign the petition below. 

We want the government to implement a system to make sure that their dangerous refugee plan doesn't replace Canadian values with sharia values. 

Please help stop sharia in Canada, sign the petition below. 

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Justin Trudeau needs to implement a strategy to stop sharia culture from creeping into Canada.

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