Send Justin Trudeau a message: Stop the Carbon Tax!

Rebel Staff
Get your own 'Stop the Carbon Tax' yellow vest

Whilst Canada’s largest business group tacitly endorses Prime Minister Trudeau’s carbon tax, the French are up in arms at President Macron’s.

The ‘yellow vest’, or gilets jaunes, movement named after the high-visibility jackets worn by thousands of protesters — is swiftly gaining momentum across France.

And now the movement has landed in Canada!

Make a statement against Trudeau’s carbon tax by purchasing your yellow vest today. You can do so by visiting Wear it to protests and rallies to show your opposition.

Justin Trudeau announced his carbon pricing scheme on Oct. 3 and it's worse than anyone could have expected.

The Liberal government will charge $10/ton of carbon dioxide by 2018, and will raise that price each year by $10 until 2022 - when the price of carbon will be $50/ton.

These prices are so steep that even allies of Trudeau and his government were shocked. Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia's environment ministers all walked out of the environment ministers' meeting held in Montreal. 

Even Rachel Notley issued a statement against the carbon tax.

Well, it's not enough to oppose the carbon tax or to issue a statement. Members of Parliament must vote against this tax-grab. Sign the petition to put pressure on them to vote against it!

Sign the petition!

All Members of Parliament should vote against the money-grabbing carbon tax.

Will you sign?