Uphold the law! Stop Edmonton from becoming a sanctuary city

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


In a move that’s shamefully becoming all-too-common in North American cities, Mayor Don Iveson and his cheerleaders on council have slated Edmonton to become Canada’s next sanctuary city, whether Edmontonians like it or not.

And all of this happened without any input from the long-suffering Edmonton taxpayers who will foot the bill for the inevitable mess this will all cause. 

The city of Edmonton is operating over $14 million in the red this year alone. But Edmonton city council is trying to cater to those who not only skip the line and cross the border illegally, but those who then made sure to avoid the authorities at all costs.

There's a reason these folks aren't presenting themselves to the government, one reason might be because they already know they will never qualify for refugee status.

There are 11,000 homeless Albertans in Edmonton. 50% of Edmonton's homeless population is First Nations. I suppose it's just easier for Edmonton Mayor, Don Iveson to sweep his disastrous record on homelessness under the rug in Edmonton and focus the spotlight on the latest Progressive trend.

Edmonton's needy are going to get left in the dust with this new sanctuary city policy. Canada has at least two other major sanctuary cities, Toronto and Montreal.


Last winter, Toronto’s homeless shelters were 94% full, all the time. This was in part because, accord to The Globe: 

Wave of asylum seekers flooding Toronto’s shelters. Thousands of migrants who entered Canada through Manitoba and Quebec are gravitating to the country’s largest city, straining the emergency housing system.Tavia Grant, The Globe and Mail, June 20, 2018

The number of asylum seekers using Toronto shelters are now set to not just overtake, but to drastically dwarf non-asylum shelter users. Homeless shelters will essentially be refugee camps going forward.

Toronto is now building four new shelters for both refugee and otherwise, at a cost of $2.5 million each, a total of $10 million in construction costs alone. And that's just to house and feed up to another 400 people.


And in Montreal, one homeless shelter saw their food bank usage jump from about 1000 migrant users to 5,200 migrant users in one year alone. After Montreal shelters became full, Montreal’s Olympic stadium was then used as a makeshift migrant shelter. 

When polled, Montrealers disagreed with Montreal city council on becoming a sanctuary city:

Meanwhile, the survey also suggests that only 36% of respondents favour a decision by city council to designate Montreal a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants while 41% oppose the idea. Nearly one in four respondents — 23% — were undecided on the issue. - Montreal Gazette, March 1, 2017


Albertans love immigrants. But these people are not legal immigrants. They are queue jumpers are best. What we can't stand are lawbreakers, especially when attention seeking city councils decide that they trump desperate Canadians and legal immigrants.

There's a long line up for affordable shelter in the city and the mayor and council have gone ahead and kicked 11,000 people to the back of the line.

If you think this blatant disregard for the homeless population in Edmonton is as unacceptable then please sign my petition below.

It demands that the mayor and council do not spend a dime on criminals until there is not a single homeless Albertan on Edmonton streets.


And I want to do something else. Something the left wing cesspit of Edmonton’s city council refused to do. I want to find out what Edmontonians actually think about their mayor and council making their home a sanctuary for lawbreakers at the expense of the law-abiding.

I want to commission a statistically valid, professional opinion poll, done by an independent pollster, with a very clear question about turning Edmonton into a haven for people who broke the laws of Canada to be here.

I predict there is a reason Edmonton’s council didn’t ask the people, and that’s because they know the majority of residents will reject this plan, just like in Montreal - one of the most left-leaning cities in the country, if not North America. 

Sign the petition!

Mayor Don Iveson and Edmonton city council must stop their scheme to make Edmonton a lawless, costly "sanctuary city".

Will you sign?