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Rebel Staff

Mayfield Secondary School, in Caledon, Ontario is home to a concerned mother, Rebecca Knotts. 

Rebecca doesn't believe in the concept of "white privilege" that the teachers are indoctrinating in her son's grade school classrooms. 

This family just wants opposing arguments to be taught as well. "White privilege" is far from a fact, and if children are going to be indoctrinated with that theory, then opposing theories should be presented as well. 

So when Rebecca's son voiced his disagreement with the teacher as she was teaching white privilege, it should come as no surprise that the son was met with a racist remark. 

Right after voicing his disagreements, the teacher said, “coming from a white male.” Obviously dismissing what the boy said because he’s a white male, which is racist let alone inappropriate to say to a high school student.

Rebecca wasn’t going to take this issue lying down. She reached out to both the principal and school board to complain about white privilege being taught within her son’s school. The mother asked the principal and the school board to show academic papers that had opposing opinions to the concept of white privilege so that the students can make up their own minds. 

She suggested Tom Sowell, Larry Elder, and, heck, she even suggested showing my own videos in her son’s classes. Though, I’m not an academic I use academic and government sources in my videos. 

The principal and school board declined to show opposing arguments to white privilege. Instead, they just wanted to tell the students white privilege existed. And it’s not

And it’s not just white privilege that’s being taught. It’s all of the social justice ideology ruining our grade schools.

Rebecca sent the principal and school board email after email. Finally, after getting no response for the longest time, they arranged a meeting with the principal. The meeting was recorded by the mother.

Unsurprisingly, as you can tell by the tone of the principal, nothing came from the meeting.

Robin and her son can not change the school’s social justice curriculum on their own. They need your help.

The principal of the high school has the final say in whether or not this type of material can be taught in his school. So, let’s take this fight directly to the principal.

The principal of Mayfield Secondary School -- the school that’s teaching white privilege to high school students -- is Jim Kardash. He was the man in the voice recording you previously heard. He’s also the man that didn’t punish the teacher who said a racist comment to one of her students just for disagreeing with the bogus material they teach.

If you think that Jim Kardash should drop all white privilege material from his teacher’s lesson plans and the curriculum, as a whole, please, click below and sign our petition. 

Sign the petition!

Principal Jim Kardash must drop all white privilege material from his teacher’s lesson plans and the curriculum, or at the very least, teach opposing views of these radical theories. 

Will you sign?