Help stop Notley's war on coal families in Alberta!

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

First Rachel Notley went after oil and gas workers. Then she targeted ranchers and farmers. Now Notley and the Alberta NDP have declared war on coal families. And it's going to devastate thousands of lives -- and entire towns.

Notley's war on coal is actually a war on rural Albertans. They're Notley's sacrifice communities, paying the price for her extremist global warming ideology. It’s a war that we will all feel in the increased costs to electricity.

The Coal Association of Canada, through their new initiative, Act for the Future, is holding public information sessions all across Alberta. Their aim is to explain how Notley’s rapid phase out of coal fired electricity will damage the local economies of coal mining towns and put thousands of Albertans out of work. It’s a message the ideologues in the NDP need to hear.

Notley wants to win the war on coal and Alberta families are just collateral damage in her battle. At The Rebel, we are going to put a human face to this fight.

It’s the human face the NDP don’t want you you to see. We want to show you the miners, the plant workers, the families and the Alberta towns that Notley plans to lay waste to. They deserve a voice as loud as any environmental group.

Notley needs to stop her war on coal families and end this irrational war on the small towns that powered the innovation and growth of Alberta for so long. These are the places and the people who worked so hard to make our province the success it was, and these families deserve better than to be blamed for problems they aren't causing.

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Every family in Alberta will be poorer because of Rachel Notley's coal phase out, but families in these mining towns will be hurt the most.

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We demand that Rachel Notley stop her war on coal families and end her attacks on the small towns that powered the innovation and growth of Alberta for so long. 

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