Join the fight back, help stop the carbon tax!

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Notley never campaigned on a $3 billion carbon tax in the election. If she did, she would have lost. Now she thinks she can just steamroll it onto an already devastated economy.

That's why we at The Rebel need to ramp up our critical journalism — to spread the word, to warn people. The mainstream media won’t. They’re still having a honeymoon with Notley. They’re still in denial.

We want to start up our town halls again — like we did this summer. We are giving away lawn signs for all who want. 

There’s a lot to do. But we can do it. Unlike the last National Energy Program, we know what to expect. And so we know just how critical it is to fight back.

Please help crowdfund our journalism and activism, help us pay for the lawn signs that we are giving away. 

Please click below to chip in to our war chest. With your help, we think we can win. Without it, we know we can’t.