August 10, 2017

How to win against Antifa: Tips from Based Stickman

Jay FayzaRebel Columnist

If you've been watching my previous videos you've seen that I've attended numerous protests and demonstrations that turned violent thanks to Antifa. 

So I interviewed Based Stickman, the notorious defender of free speech, to get his advice on how to prepare for attacks from Antifa.

His advice covered both defensive and offensive measures; Antifa is known to employ a wide array of weapons ranging from metal poles and bats to knives and gas.

Thus one must be prepared with all the proper equipment.

WATCH my video to see what Based Stickman says you'll need to ready yourself for an encounter with Antifa!

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commented 2017-08-11 01:08:12 -0400
Never bring a knife to a gun fight.
commented 2017-08-10 22:05:13 -0400
I say the police can handle it.
commented 2017-08-10 17:07:52 -0400
I’m far from an expert on these things but, as I understand it:
- a real bulletproof vest costs something around $300/400 (US); something you buy at the surplus store for $20 is not going to give equivalent protection
- a bulletproof vest is not necessarily knifeproof – or vice versa; apparently prison guards, who are at risk of knife attacks, get different vests than police officers
- the tin hat you selected is not going to give you any protection against bear spray or tactical spray and, unless you strap it on, it’s going to be very easy for someone to knock off your head (assuming it doesn’t just fall off as you move around)
- Based Stickman is apparently American and is probably NOT very familiar with Canadian law; I would consult someone familiar with Canadian law – and the law of whatever provinces you work in – to find out the circumstances under which you can start a pre-emptive attack to be sure that simply feeling endangered by the people around you is sufficient grounds to attack you. The rules for this vary from state to state in the US so they are bound to vary somewhat in Canada too.

In any case, be safe Jay and don’t start something you can’t finish.
commented 2017-08-10 16:29:44 -0400
Wooden sledge hammer handles work best even though snowflake heads are hard as granite.
commented 2017-08-10 15:53:03 -0400
Stickman was serious. I am not sure that your parody was appropriate. The sad part is that one even needs to consider such protection in a country where freedom of speech and freedom of association are deemed as “fundamental rights”!
commented 2017-08-10 15:30:38 -0400
I hope you don’t need it, but good for you for getting ready for them.
commented 2017-08-10 14:18:17 -0400
Twenty or thirty stout lads in a line, armed with a three foot by one inch doweling – I’d have a Rebel flag stapled to the end of mine – and then wade in and take no prisoners!
After a few antifa-riots attended by the doweling boys, there’d be no more antifa riots…