Tell the Halifax Regional School Board to protect all students and stop covering up violence by Syrian students!

Rebel Staff

A Halifax school has a bullying problem, but it’s not your typical light pushing and taunting.

It’s Syrian refugees, fresh off the plane. According to parents and school kids, the refugees are threatening, attacking and even choking the Canadian kids.

That’s shocking. But even worse: the school is turning a blind eye in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness!

Frustrated parents finally went to the local newspaper, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, to get the message out. And they ran a powerful expose about the problem.

But almost immediately, the usual suspects from the mainstream media dismissed this story, disparaging it as racism and faulty reporting. None of them actually checked the facts; they just went with their own prejudices: that Syrian kids would never beat up Canadian kids, and even if they did, the Canadians probably deserved it.

It was “unjournalism” — the shouting down of the one newspaper that told the truth.

Soon the school board put out a rambling press release calling the accusation a pack of lies — and telling the media not to cause problems anymore.

It worked.

The Chronicle-Herald took down the story and put up an apology. They didn’t say they got any facts wrong. They just said the story wasn’t "complete" and needed more work. They never did a follow-up.

Well, The Rebel actually went to Halifax, and spoke to the children and the parents who came forward.

The families from the original Chronicle-Herald story were victimized twice — once by Syrian bullies; and then a second time, being called racist simply for complaining about the bullying.

It’s a big deal when Syrian migrants bring a culture of violence, especially anti-girl violence, to Canada. But even more concerning is when Canadian authorities — whether it’s teachers, the school board or even the police are too afraid to talk about it. And a media culture that would rather snuff out stories than report them.

If your child is being bullied and the teachers, principals, or other school officials refuse to step in because they don’t want to upset the Liberal refugee policy – you can tell us. We’ll check the facts. And if it’s true, we’ll tell your story. Because that’s what journalists are supposed to do — we follow the facts wherever they lead. Just email us at 

But we also need to tell the Halifax regional school board that it’s not okay to put children’s safety at risk in the name of political correctness. It’s not okay to turn a blind eye when kids are being choked and threatened, and when Canadian girls are being treated violently by Syrian boys. These school boards need to do more to integrate the Syrian refugees – through teaching them English and our culture, by disciplining them when they get violent, and by stopping the culture of cover-ups.

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And if you’re scared to send your child to school because of violent bullying that your school is ignoring because of political correctness – email us at 

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The Halifax Regional School Board must protect all its students and stop its policy of covering up violence from Syrian students.

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