Stop the Indoctrination: JOIN Lauren Southern's fight against textbook bias

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This isn’t education. It’s indoctrination.

Last year, a textbook began circulating in Ontario classrooms. This textbook contains passages and entire chapters that endorse progressive political dogmas like white privilege and the gender wage gap.

This kind of politicized education is unacceptable. We already knew this tripe was circulating among teachers, but teaching it to students is something else entirely.

These are theoretical and politicized narratives, that if taught should be presented neutrally and with both sides. Not presented as fact.

School materials are meant to open minds, not close them. If you think that Ontario schools should focus on keeping students informed over keeping them indoctrinated, then please sign the petition below to Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals.

We need to stop the indoctrination. 

Sign the petition!

Textbooks containing one-sided information about privilege theory and the male-female “wage gap” need to be removed from Ontario school curricula.  

Will you sign?