Tell Justin Trudeau to stop the pay hikes for politicians!

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Canadians are not doing well. 

Our unemployment rate is on the rise, certain parts of the country are dealing with EI benefits that are insufficient, and as many Canadians are worrying about making ends meet, MPs are taking care of themselves.

The MP's are giving themselves a pay raise. 

As of today your average Member of Parliament is getting a $3,000 pay hike.

The Prime Minister is getting an extra $6,000 per year.

The pay hike comes thanks to legislation passed in 2005 that made MP's pay hikes automatic and tied to what big labour contracts were offering, on average, over the last year.

So just like unionized companies with more than 500 workers, the MPs are getting a 1.8% hike in pay.

The base salary for an MP is now $170,400 per year.

If you chair a committee you get an extra $11,900 and if you are a cabinet minister an extra $81,000.

Cabinet Ministers now earn $251,900 per year. They also get a $2,000 car allowance given to them, plus the car and driver they get, plus a living allowance to pay for their apartment or home in Ottawa, plus subsidized travel, plus, plus, plus.

Cabinet ministers are the new 1%.

Which is odd because Trudeau and his Liberals ran against the 1% in the last election. They berated the 1%. Well in Canada, that is anyone making more than 191,000 dollars a year, so, Trudeau and his cabinet, they are all well inside it. Committee chairs, they are just below it.

So, how does an MP defend the pay raise?

Well if you are Liberal cabinet Minister Judy Foote, you do it with gusto. Trudeau’s Minister of Public Works, the Minister in charge of one of the biggest spending departments said that "she deserves the pay raise."

Look, I have no problem with people working hard and earning their money. I have no problem with people earning as much money as possible.

But Trudeau and his Liberals do.

They ran an Occupy Wall Street campaign against the wealthy of this country and now they are giving themselves a nice raise -- one that is more than they are offering the public sector workers they are negotiating with.

The country’s books are falling apart.

We are adding billions to the debt, we don’t need to be giving raises to the richest politicians in the country. 

When the country was in recession, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives passed a bill stopping the automatic wage hikes for three years.

We need to stop these pay hikes.

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Justin Trudeau shouldn't raise the already generous salaries of our politicians. 

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