March 14, 2016

Strong gains for Germany’s anti-immigration party -- led by a young woman who’s the antithesis of Merkel

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over the weekend there were elections in three German states. And a new anti-immigration party, called the AfD, did incredibly well, especially for a party that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

The AfD is led by Franke Petry. She’s young, attractive and entrepreneurial, with a PhD in chemistry.

Strangely enough, Angela Merkel also has a degree in chemistry. But that’s where their similarities end.

Merkel is 61; she’s a career politician, having spent 25 years at it. But the biggest difference isn’t just that Petry is a generation younger. It’s this: Petry has four kids; Merkel has none.

And what a reassurance, to know that Germans do not agree with what’s being done to them and are no longer willing to be scared of being called “racist," simply for believing in borders, and opposing rape culture, and the de-Germanization of Germany.

But have you noticed that the AfD is being called “far right”?

Is a party that now places second or third throughout Germany really "far right," from a statistical point of view?

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commented 2016-03-15 06:13:49 -0400
After watching the video, I hope our police forces have enough intestinal fortitude to shoot some of the mob trying to kill their victim.

By the way, these are not radical Muslims, they are the regular regressive types who are still living in the Middle Ages and do not belong in modern society.

The radical Muslims are the ones who are enlightened and accept the modern world and do not perpetrate crimes of hatred on fellow human beings.
commented 2016-03-15 05:57:24 -0400
Muslim game
Taharrush Gamea – the fun sex game of the muslim world
Go to YouTube to see what this educational game is all about!
Where are the feminists?
We know where the lefties stand on this . . . By supporting the Muslims, the are in essence condoning thins type of behaviour.
commented 2016-03-15 01:42:57 -0400
If Merckel gets voted out maybe she can go use the subway and other stuff to back up her ideology. But of course she knows she is full of it and would never go near any of those great immigrants she pushed for.
commented 2016-03-15 00:17:08 -0400
Pegida is what Canada needs, a movement like this would do wonders for our moral and it would give our beloved leader one hell of a head ache.

Canada certainly needs something to lead us away from the path of suicide that Trudeau, The Great Pretender has chosen for us. If we allow him to continue, we will be committing suicide, why should we waste ourselves for the delusions of grandeur of a Muslim Puppet.

I was watching a video yesterday, about Pegida in Poland. It was about a Pegida march, all the video was showing were the people crossing a bridge as viewed from a fixed camera. The Video was 45 Min long and that is how long it took the Pegida marchers to cross the bridge. This just shows that with the right organization, people can come together and show solidarity against idiots like Trudeau.

PEGIDA, think about it.
commented 2016-03-14 23:41:40 -0400
Ho Hum, My neighbor said "isn’t that women leading the Conservatives great " , but he could not remember her name. After I struggled to remember her name I told him that if there was an election tomorrow, the Conservatives would come in 3rd. I believe we need a New Party for a New Country. Let Central Canada continue to flirt with Islam.
commented 2016-03-14 21:11:35 -0400
We need to create our own anti-immigrant party in Canada. The time is right and there is no reason to believe that such a party could be successful in the next election. The “conservatives” are a complete lost cause
commented 2016-03-14 20:35:06 -0400
I hope we can follow Europe in the fact that they’re realizing the effects of invasion
commented 2016-03-14 20:28:14 -0400
There are some encouraging signs of a correction happening in Germany but is it too little too late -I think yes.
commented 2016-03-14 20:10:56 -0400
Great to hear some people are shaking off their politically correct slumber! Good on Germany!