Students at Laurier University need to learn to take a joke

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

When the safe space outrage machine kicks into gear, all sense goes out the window.

A beloved Wilfrid Laurier University campus cafe was shut down this week after a group of campus bureaucrats took offense to a joking help wanted ad.

The ad, posted on Facebook by the proprietor of the former Veritas Cafe, started with, “I need a new slave (full-time staff member) to boss (mentor) around at Veritas Cafe!”

The remainder of the ad was replete with parenthetical asides—tongue-in-cheek references to coffee being “wake-up juice,” paninis being “life fuel,” and even an endorsement of man-buns and tattoos.

Whether it was in poor taste or not is irrelevant: the ad got dozens of applicants when previous ads by the proprietor had gone unnoticed.

In less than three weeks, however, Laurier’s Graduate Students’ Association had shut down the restaurant on account of “conduct on the part of the Service Provider that is materially detrimental to the Business or would injure the reputation of the WLUGSA as determined by the sole discretion of the WLUGSA.”

Sole discretion is right—all of the students who have weighed in on social media are on the side of the vendor. Even those who found the ad to be in poor taste didn’t think the punishment fit the purported crime.

They certainly treated cafe owner Sandor Dosman as a criminal, as he was escorted off campus by two security guards.

In the interest of making Laurier a safe space, an employer and 11 employees are out of work—and students are denied a popular campus hot spot.

The reason? Campus officials couldn’t take a joke.

We need to send a message to the Laurier GSA, but also to Canadians, that we can’t let outrage determine our every action.

If you agree, please sign the petition below. 

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Businesses should be allowed to fail or succeed based on their merits -- not political correctness. The University of Wilfrid Laurier should reverse the decision and reinstate Sandor Dosman. 

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