June 06, 2017

Students protest deportation of Afghani illegal migrant

Rebel Staff

Recently, a court in Nuremberg, Germany, freed a 20-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was in custody waiting to be deported. He was freed because Angela Merkel postponed all deportations to Afghanistan until July. Meanwhile, police violently clashed with around 300 students over his deportation. These students were his classmates- though some of them just joined because they’re anti-police

In Germany, 37% of young people said they would join an uprising against their own government.  All it took for these German youth is one of their classmates being legally deported-- his immigration status failed-- and hundreds of young people looking for an excuse to rise against the government did exactly that-- and took it out on the police.  

The students’ response to all of this leaves me wondering…

What happened to the respect and admiration for the work that police officers do? 

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commented 2017-06-11 14:12:55 -0400
This is what youth become after ten years of indoctrination by a Marxists educational system.
commented 2017-06-08 19:04:40 -0400
Stop saying, “A law”, it offends me.
commented 2017-06-08 11:28:55 -0400
Please make it easier to find the grain of truth underlying all the misinformation.

After following several self-referential links, I was unable to obtain the survey purported to make the claims asserted by the calculated manipulators at this website.

I assume that for practical purposes it meant something more like “would you exercise your free speech rights by showing up for a protest” and not something like “do you want to inflict violence upon elected representatives”.
commented 2017-06-06 21:27:53 -0400
Art Vandelay—you should speak for yourself; my generation was successful and therefore built and paid for most of Canada’s important infrastructure like Bridges roads and highways. Without the Boomers, at least 2 generations after us would have been screwed.

Jay, great reporting. My question is young people are mainly left leaning, and they hate the Police in such a way to use violence and even murder in the US. Why do the Police side with the violent left and go after the usually peaceful right? I think many Police are cowards and will go after the weakest side, not the guilty side.
commented 2017-06-06 16:11:48 -0400
Soo…people who without government would be as useful as tits on a Bull and about as self reliant as an infant would like to topple government. Riiight. Oh, and they hate the same police that they demand arrest people in Germany for politically incorrect Facebook posts. This generation is beyond screwed, but I will apologize since it was mine and the previous generation that royally F you all up. Sorry.
commented 2017-06-06 15:25:34 -0400
Student uprisings are becoming so common place…no real appreciation for freedom and the legal system. I don’t understand why there were no charges laid; there were nine injured police officers!