May 09, 2017

Success! Jordan Peterson thanks his crowdfunding supporters

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I last night's show I spoke with controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson who was denied a grant for the first time, we started a crowdfunding campaign to help finance his research into political correctness — and made over 265 per cent of our goal!

WATCH as Dr. Peterson gives updates on the campaign, thanks everyone who donated, and explains what will happen next.

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commented 2017-05-10 03:21:47 -0400
And we got this far over the use of pro nouns.
commented 2017-05-10 02:33:52 -0400
Ms. Stephenson; Is that what left did to you? Taint your entire career.
commented 2017-05-09 22:18:28 -0400
Jordan deserves a Senate seat ….
commented 2017-05-09 22:16:46 -0400
Is Mr Peterson a theist by any chance?
commented 2017-05-09 21:17:52 -0400
Ms. Stephenson , we REBELS would not allow even EZRA to promote funding for fake research
commented 2017-05-09 18:15:57 -0400
Any one with a brain can see that political correctness (PC) is a gag to stop people from discussing or becoming informed about events. His research should reach the logical conclusion that PC is a negative influence on society advocated by the globalists/new world order/liberals,EU/UN agenda for the rich people to rule the whole world. Some how we MUST erase these fascists from the earth.
commented 2017-05-09 17:33:56 -0400
Dr. Peterson experienced “shunning” when his longstanding research grants were denied; this was wrong, and it took other champions of free speech to support him. Denying the grants was also a measure to try and silence him. Dr. Peterson cannot be silenced. Those who oppose the truth, and hate speakers of the truth are the problem.
I look forward to further updates by Dr. Peterson and wish him well.
commented 2017-05-09 17:21:28 -0400
Peter Netterville, I appreciate the time and effort with your response to Andrew Stephenson, she respectfully submits straw man arguments and talking points.
commented 2017-05-09 16:47:08 -0400
Free speech isn’t free.

I know Dr. Peterson will put the research funds to good use the word is ripe for another Jungian renaissance of reason – understanding onesself before attempting to make sense of the world..
commented 2017-05-09 15:57:44 -0400
Andrew Stephenson said, “I wonder if the Rebel will be so helpful in the future if the research they fund doesn’t find the outcome they want.”

Ezra made it clear that the funding that was raised was because the government refused his grant, not because the research that was being done was favorable to The Rebel’s political views.

Andrew went on to ask, “How do you guarantee impartiality when the pressure is there for the Rebel to “buy results”.”

If there is any pressure to be felt, it is not because of anything The Rebel did or said. Ezra made that clear. The money has no hook or catch to it.

Andrew Stephenson, I return the question to you:
How do you guarantee that the results of a government research grant does not buy a result favorable to the political position of the government currently in office?

After all, Andrew, the government did turn down Dr. Peterson’s grant just after this whole free speech issue arose. He had been receiving research grant money for many years beforehand and the all of a sudden no longer qualified just after this free speech incident occurred. More than coincidence.

So what I am saying, Andrew, is that you are pretending that because it is not government money then it necessarily means that the research money is buying a specific result, therefore tainting the results, and by extension assume that because it is government money therefore there is no bias on the results of the research.

The whole premise of your comment is at fault. The government is not unbiased in the results they expect from research grants.
commented 2017-05-09 14:59:35 -0400
Andrew Stephenson, you did notice he was not given a grant because he told the truth and the government didn’t like it. That would be a clear indicator that you can not buy a desired result, he will just tell the truth regardless. This just shows you to be the corrupt one, not the Doctor.
commented 2017-05-09 14:37:52 -0400
Funny thing, when Dr. Peterson went against the narrative in his research, his grant to continue, was not accepted, even though it had been for the original work. So lets talk about impartiality from government funding, shall we? Is it ethical for gov’t to fund only what it finds acceptable and to stop when it doesn’t like the answers?
commented 2017-05-09 13:57:10 -0400
I wonder if the Rebel will be so helpful in the future if the research they fund doesn’t find the outcome they want. Can they guarantee continued funding even in light of unfavourable results, or will Dr. Peterson be pressured to produce a given outcome in order to receive more funding?

How do you guarantee impartiality when the pressure is there for the Rebel to “buy results”. Is it ethical to potentially taint a garduate student’s entire career with such a huge potential conflict of interest as may exist with a bunch of right wing lobbyists buying results from a researcher they like?
commented 2017-05-09 13:38:10 -0400
It’s great to see so much support for an intelligent and thoughtful Professor. I just wish most Professors were like this gem. The world would be a much better place.