June 08, 2018

Sue-Ann Levy: John Tory “will rue the day” he snubbed the Fords

Eitan GilboordGuest Post

At Doug Ford's first press conference as premier-elect, The Rebel Media talked to the Sun's long time City Hall reporter Sue-Ann Levy, who said Toronto mayor John Tory "will rue the day" he didn’t allow the naming of an Etobicoke park after the late Rob Ford, and made fun of Doug for announcing his run for premier from his mother’s basement.

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commented 2018-06-08 23:44:54 -0400
Harvey the Sphincter is flinging poo again….no bowel control!!
commented 2018-06-08 22:27:18 -0400
Jimmy Harping Sphincter, you squealing piglet. Quit your crying, you lose, get over it, ya big baby, pissing on everything like the incontinent whining wanker you are.
commented 2018-06-08 21:50:34 -0400
Wonder how many non story’s are out there?….Seems to be the theme when it’s a liberalist globalist…
commented 2018-06-08 19:35:12 -0400
Harvey Specter why is the other media ignoring the accusations against Justin? I thought all were to be believed?? LMAO! Now keep ignoring the truth like good left wing sheep.
commented 2018-06-08 19:33:41 -0400
Harvey Specter you do realize Rob Ford did not abuse the 911 operator like the left claimed RIGHT?
commented 2018-06-08 19:32:59 -0400
Harvey Specter you voted for NDP i believe? Did you ignore the TRUTH about their anti semitism? LMAO! then you accuse others of ignoring left wing BS.
commented 2018-06-08 19:31:46 -0400
John Tory is a worm and Steve Paikin is a mental midget left wing puppet.
commented 2018-06-08 16:57:59 -0400
Tory is making a damned mess of Toronto.
commented 2018-06-08 16:56:44 -0400
Jimmy harping Harvey, Sue Anne rocks! She is a true conservative and a fair minded person. I’d like to see her interviewed more often, she’s fast on her feet. Good questions Eitan.
commented 2018-06-08 16:42:51 -0400
Tory, just another sycophant hack!