January 16, 2019

Angus Reid poll on pipelines is bad news for Trudeau (or Notley)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Canadians from every province were queried by Angus Reid on a whole host of energy related issues, ranging from which pipelines they supported to the federal government’s performance on the file.

The province of Quebec was the outlier on almost every question and out of step with the consensus in the rest of the country.

But, Quebec wasn't as much of an outlier as you may think.

Today I’ll take you through some of the more surprising poll results from those places the mainstream media would have us believe hate oil and gas.

For example, nearly half of Quebecers, 48 per cent, say oil and gas is a critical industry to Canada.

When pollsters asked people in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba if over the last couple of years they thought the policies of the federal government had helped their province, only nine per cent thought so.

Justin Trudeau's flagship ideas of social license and carbon taxation have been wholeheartedly rejected by the people in Western Canada as failures.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley just spent the last three years sucking up to Justin Trudeau by pushing the same policies.

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commented 2019-01-17 11:37:31 -0500
Just a personal comment. Every time I see Trudeau’s face I literally want to vomit. Currently running on the History channel is a new series called “The dictators handbook”. Each week a new dictator is profiled and the program explains what “rules” these savages followed to take control over their nations. Shockingly, Trudeau is following the same rules. He hasn’t started killing people who oppose him… yet, but with him wanting to ship a million “refugees” into Canada he’s off to a good start by diverting around the traditional sense of killing those who oppose him. When you import barbarians who hate your way of life, your way of thinking and hate freedom; it’s a fair bet that you want to destroy people who oppose your ideologies and beliefs.
If you get a chance then I suggest you tune into this series and see for yourself where Trudeau stands on issues.
commented 2019-01-17 10:47:54 -0500
Canadas media (cbc-ctv-global) is in the part time drama teachers hip pocket.
commented 2019-01-17 10:18:55 -0500
Throw out the trash in 2019!
commented 2019-01-16 21:13:58 -0500
In regard to the ‘local opposition weight’ chart and BC, Sheila, most people – likely approaching 90% of people in BC – live in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley/Victoria ‘corridor’. These are mostly urban liberals…or worse.
BC interior folk are generally hard-working, salt of the Earth, practical small town/rural/bush people, who tend – through the circumstance of NOT living in a dense infrastructure, and needing to be much less dependent, tend toward conservatism as a result, to deal with that extra challenge that living way out in the boonies presents.
When people speak of BC, they need to separate the interior from that corridor. It’s even worse here than the GTA vs the rest of Ontario! So I think the charts more shows that the lefty progressives aren’t completely insane and know they need oil/gas!
So who’s screeching so loud? Because they’re a minority!
And bye the way Sheila, most of those hippies you mention live in that corridor as well…

I recall a common sentiment in Alberta in my cowboying/guiding days, most of which I did in BC.
There are some real western outfits in Alberta and if you were able to get work on one and you weren’t from Alberta you’d soon knew you couldn’t be a real cowboy cause if it ain’t Alberta, it ain’t beef!
commented 2019-01-16 20:15:35 -0500
The only way that Trudeau will loose the next election is if something drastic happens, like he becomes a sudden quadriplegic with no tongue.
He has already bought the MSM and every migrant that is here has been paid to vote for him. Think, how many will be here when it is time for us vote again. Do not be surprised if many real Canadians are left off the voting lists or or their name is spelled wrongly, meaning that they will have to re register, causing them to develop a sudden ‘Oh to hell with it syndrome’.
Trudeau is the master of dirty tricks and he will use every one of them.
commented 2019-01-16 20:04:08 -0500
I also think Quebecois are realizing that we’re the ones who keep them in comfort. Like in the rest of Canada, the leadership in their glass houses have zero understanding of real people and their real problems.
commented 2019-01-16 20:01:48 -0500
This batch of statistics encourages me but I still dread the uninformed and propagandized masses. Some voters are so stupid. That’s how we got Trudeau, Notley, and Horgan the Horrible. And as for the natives, we’ve bent over backwards to help them and consider their claims but it NEVER is enough. It’s time they chuck these heredical chiefs and join the rest of us in making the nation great for ALL!