November 24, 2015

WATCH: "Crackpot" David Suzuki compares Canadian oil industry to... "slavery"?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

That crackpot David Suzuki is back. Now he's telling Evan Solomon that the oil industry are like slave owners in the U.S. South before the Civil War.

In fact, isn’t oil and other fossil fuels the opposite of slavery?

Didn’t mechanization and fossil fuels help end it?

Yes, slavery was ended by legislation, war, and advancing morality but was also made obsolete by advances in technology.

Slavery still exists in parts of the world, actually — Africa, parts of Asia, and in OPEC countries, with all their indentured workers from Pakistan, the Philippines and India.

Why is it that David Suzuki never criticizes them?

I think I know...


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commented 2015-11-27 22:50:55 -0500
i stand with David Suzuki . The worlds greatest CRIME is the suppression of FREE ENERGY Ocean Wave Action Generator Technology 1st patented in 1799 using 1775 Girandoni Compressed Air GUN Technology . That Powered Heavy Equipment in N.J. . Locomotives traveling 100miles per tank in 1828 , Guns , Cannons , Rockets & Submarines during Americas Civil War . Worth over ^$5TRILLION a YEAR today will power 10,000 times ALL the worlds energy needs without pollution & self pay in 1 year = FREE ENERGY that pays you to use it ! & The HVDC energy grid being built right now around the Earth will bring it ! OIL has enslaved the world in pollution , poverty & war . Man’s Nuclear Energy has polluted & murdered us all . Please see Aquamarine Power , The D.U.C.K. 1974 , The Terminator , The 1%‘s own Carnegie Wave Energy & hundreds more ? Like China’s device that produces 600kwh 24/7/365/25years manufactured for sale at just $1,000.00 USD ??? The 1% Company Store suppressed this technology because it couldn’t sell or tax AIR & promoted OIL fully knowing of it’s pollution & causing CANCER etc… for selfish profits , not seeing the value free energy would bring in Health & Prosperity . A return to The Garden of Eden !
commented 2015-11-27 17:46:19 -0500
Maybe we should look to other countries for oil terrorists…

“And while we patiently dig to find who the on and offshore “commodity trading” middleman are, who cart away ISIS oil to European and other international markets in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, one name keeps popping up as the primary culprit of regional demand for the Islamic State’s “terrorist oil” – that of Turkish president Recep Erdogan’s son: Bilal Erdogan"

and yet Suzuki worries about Oil Sands…
commented 2015-11-27 16:48:36 -0500
Suzuki still says Rachel Carson is his personal hero and what got him into the business of environmentalism. What?! Her theories have now been refuted for decades now. Government acting on her theories causes the death of hundreds of thousands from malaria.
commented 2015-11-26 14:26:22 -0500
I hope Suzuki’s kids have power of attorney and listened to his blather. Maybe they can have him declared unhinged and finally put him in a home.
commented 2015-11-26 08:15:16 -0500
Suzuki is a socialist doing what socialists do – propagating offensive bigotry.
commented 2015-11-26 01:44:09 -0500
You guys still don’t get it that you could have thousands of these bird killers wind scrapers defacing our province in Alberta and a horrible eyesore at that – but they will never come close to EVER, EVER REPLACING OUR COAL, OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY añd their efficiencies añd fairly low cost to consumers. A few postings mentioned here that maybe someday it will, I don’t believe this will ever happen. Don’t give these wicked leftwingers and their demented environmentalists one chance and agree with them, these idiots don’t deserve a thought nor mention.
commented 2015-11-25 17:44:39 -0500
In a recent National Post article Suzuki claims that climate change is “a moral issue”; “not an economic issue”:
There you have it! Suzuki providies confirmation of what many have said that climate is a religion , validation of an observation made by Nobel Laureate Dr. Ivar Giaever, who, noting that global temperatures have halted over the past 18 years (“the pause”), concluded that “Global warming really has become a new religion . Because you cannot discuss it. It’s not proper.” In this same article, leftist and hypocrite Neil Young, who it seems has a lot of money to throw around foolishly, announced that he is donating $100,000 from the proceeds of a concert to Suzuki’s Blue Dot movement, a project to enshrine Zuzuki’s religion in the constitution through a constitutional amendment.
Neil Young, who has been living down south for 44 years, pays American taxes and his wife and kids are all born in the U.S. abandoned Canada a long time ago, comes up here to promote Zuzuki’s project which he identifies as “A tool to take on the aggression of multinational corporations.” A tool? Like a hammer .
commented 2015-11-25 17:09:21 -0500
tell us sean where does your oil come from now, Please enlighten us, because i guess it is from alberta, so everytime you drive a car, ride a bus, fly in a plane to one of your endless protests you support alberta energy. The greater vancover pollutes more than fort mac murray area, when will you shut it down, we in alberta demand action, no heating no fuel, dont even think of shipping the amount of pollution there is huge, So sean tell us what you in BC are doing besides bitching about alberta, Let me guess A BIG ZERO NOTHING, Not to mention the raw sewage dumping every second of every day, when will you complain about that sean, or is it just liberals allowded to dump untreated sewage.
commented 2015-11-25 17:01:14 -0500
To determine if a power source is viable long term, I do the self-replication test. That is, simply ask the question, “How many of one unit does it take to produce another unit of the same kind?” And by “produce”, I mean everything from searching for and finding raw minerals, smelting them, transporting them, forging them into parts, assembling those parts, transporting the final assembly into position, construction, configuration and maintenance.

Coal powered electrical plant: One coal plant can produce enough energy to make more than one coal plant
Nuclear powered electrical plant: One nuke power plant can produce enough energy to make more than one nuke plant
Windmill: It takes more than one windmill to make one windmill
Solar panel: It takes more than one solar panel to make one solar panel

So what this means is, if we convert all our energy production to windmill or solar panel, a kid with a rock can bring down civilization, or, if we dip below the critical minimum number of windmills due to maintenance issue, again, civilization comes to an end.
commented 2015-11-25 16:48:42 -0500
Lenin would be proud.
commented 2015-11-25 13:16:28 -0500
Why are we not demanding that our teachers in Canada show their students Patrick Moores video on climate change? Even the old environmentalist hippies are now telling the climate doomsayers they are WRONG !
commented 2015-11-25 13:04:52 -0500
Suzuki was trying to make the point that the defense of slavery was that the economy would suffer. But comparing cotton to oil just doesn`t cut it. We could live without cotton and it would not change the world. Oil has transformed the entire planet and it truly would affect the entire global economy if it was suddenly gone. And solar and wind is just not there right now and may not be for quite some time. And we need oil to get there.
commented 2015-11-25 12:52:11 -0500
Before the discovery and use of oil, there was true slavery. Both people and animals laboured hard to plow the fields and harvest the crops. Horses and oxen had to pull heavily loaded freight wagons. People had to spend an entire day of the week doing laundry. Wood was used to craft things. Wood from trees. Different mixtures of resins were made to try and have a stronger substitute for wood. People had to take trains and sailing ships to travel and it was a slow and sometimes dangerous journey.There are many ships and people at the bottom of the sea. Then oil came along and all of its wonderful products. The world changed and the standard of living got better. People and horses and oxen were set free for their hard labours. Travel became safer and quicker. Wooden objects were replaced by plastics so less trees had to be cut down. Coal burning steam engines were able to now use cleaner burning diesel. For Suzuki to claim that oil production is like slavery is preposterous and is in fact completly the opposite of the true situation. The man is obviously somewhat deranged and blinded by his own propaganda.Oil workers should be proud of themselves for helping top make the world a better place..
commented 2015-11-25 12:18:54 -0500
“That crackpot David Suzuki”, said it himself, ‘No one listens to me…’
commented 2015-11-25 11:43:33 -0500
@jeffgoddard Jeff I don’t think you are going to go anywhere where you won ’t find people who disagree with each other or in your opinion have distorted a comment or an opinion but that is no reason to leave. All the more reason to help those of us erring see the light.
commented 2015-11-25 11:35:27 -0500
Listen it was David Suzuki who chose the poor metaphor of southern slavery to compare the oil industry with and when challenged that “they might take real offense to that” he responded “it’s the same thing…”. Providing heating for homes and the ability to travel to work for the vast majority has been very liberating not at all profiting off of forced labor others. Sure he was trying to advance an economic argument with a very poorly chosen metaphor. He could have just as stupidly compared the oil industry to Hitler( as the whole Hitler comparison is over used) who many Germans praised for one reason because he got us all working (economic argument) but it is a wrongly chosen over used metaphor chosen for it’s dramatic appeal. This is just one more of the ridiculous comments to add to his legacy.
commented 2015-11-25 11:35:22 -0500
Listen it was David Suzuki who chose the poor metaphor of southern slavery to compare the oil industry with and when challenged that “they might take real offense to that” he responded “it’s the same thing…”. Providing heating for homes and the ability to travel to work for the vast majority has been very liberating not at all profiting off of forced labor others. Sure he was trying to advance an economic argument with a very poorly chosen metaphor. He could have just as stupidly compared the oil industry to Hitler( as the whole Hitler comparison is over used) who many Germans praised for one reason because he got us all working (economic argument) but it is a wrongly chosen over used metaphor chosen for it’s dramatic appeal. This is just one more of the ridiculous comments to add to his legacy.
commented 2015-11-25 11:12:48 -0500
I’m still new to the whole P.C lingo bullsh!t, but didn’t Suzuki just APPROPRIATE an African American issue to further his own agenda?

I doubt the Social Justice Warrior hippies would crucify their own patriarch, but by their own rules, Suzuki just dissed the whole #blacklivesmatter crew in a major way. What a racist!!
commented 2015-11-25 09:43:54 -0500
Yes, Ezra did have it wrong in that Suzuki was not comparing the oil workers to the slaves of the southern states before the civil war, but Suzuki was comparing the economy and how if the got rid of the oilsands it would hurt the economy in Alberta and the rest of Canada, but then would force to industry to change over to renewable energy.

And even though I despise Suzuki, he does nave that correct. But Suzuki is ignoring the fact that the renewable technology of wind and solar is not at the stage where it can support our society. A massive storage system containing electrical energy needs to be developed yet to compensate for when there is no wind or sun.

In addition, Suzuki is also assuming like a good little socialist lemming that humankind created carbon dioxide is warming the atmosphere. That is not the case. The evidence indicates otherwise. The “science is not settled” as the GW religious fanatics continually cry out.

Suzuki is also not concerned about the economy and the people that are out of work that now draw from the government rather than contribute to the government. He is not considering that by eliminating the oil industry in Canada he is putting our economy at a trading disadvantage compared to other countries who are not switching out to an inadequate “green” economy.

Overall, Suzuki is just another foolish socialist is an every increasing pool of foolish socialists.

And Ezra, please do try to be accurate!
commented 2015-11-25 07:52:53 -0500
Well, JEFF GODARD, you’re beating a retreat for no valid reason. You’re right about Ezra & Co. sometimes coming up with headlines that don’t match the facts, but if you are to use that as a unviable standard for abandoning news sources, then you’d certainly be living in the absolute dark. Better that you stick around and contribute to the discussion by pointing out the inaccuracies.
commented 2015-11-25 06:47:47 -0500
@donovan Uyl commented: " Come on Ezra! I am one of your biggest fans but you missed the mark here. While I loath David Suzuki I think you are a little off here. David was clearly saying that economics was used as an excuse to not abolish slavery."

You’re absolutely correct, Donovan.

This makes me very uncomfortable. I thought I’d found a place where we would hear rational, logical and ‘honest’ arguments. Instead, we get this? Not for the first time this week either. Ezra, you may be blinded by your disdain for Suzuki. As well founded as that disdain may be, I cannot condone this . Or, far worse, willfully distorting his words. That, my friend, hurts you far more than him. Suzuki doesn’t need help to look foolish. I expect better from you.

The facts we can agree on are that Suzuki is a greedy con-artist and an all around ass. He is not to be trusted.

I guess this really is ‘The Libel’. I’m out. But, as a parting gift, I’d like to suggest you make sure the Black Lives Matter people hear of this. They aren’t likely to make any attempt decipher what he really said either. Go get him BLM. :-)

Clearly, there are fair minded folks hear like Donovan. But, many others are on a steady intravenous drip of ‘Blue Koolaid’. I don’t drink the stuff regardless of it’s colour. Oh, well. Guess it was too much to hope for honesty from even one side.

Good luck to all. Most of the time, your causes are just. I’m glad you are here to fight for them. But, if you have to distort and twist opponents’ words as a matter of routine, you need to consider the possibility you might be as dishonest as they are. I beseech you all to take the high road. Otherwise, you will be written off as right wing nut jobs by people who could be, and want to be, your allies. That would be a terrible shame.

Recently, I said the something along these lines to a left leaning group as well. I suppose that’s how we play now. My cop dad and Sunday school teaching mom taught me to be better than that.

chow folks,

P.S. – Let the name calling commence. I won’t be here to read it. :-D
commented 2015-11-25 02:27:55 -0500
David Suzuki has made a career out of defending Jews and other minorities. Perhaps those days are over in Canada.
commented 2015-11-25 01:29:52 -0500
We communicate using words. SLAVERY is a very nasty word. Slavery is despicable, degrading, disgusting. Suzuki has essentially rendered the word meaningless. And all the present and past victims of real actual slavery are now treated by Suzuki with contempt. Maybe he might start calling the oil miners Nazis, and render the holocaust meaningless too. By the way; eating red meat uses huge amounts of water and produces more pollution than cars. Davey owns 4 homes including a $10 million dollar energy gobbling mansion in Kits. Time to downsize, Davey. And climb off the working mans back.
commented 2015-11-25 00:56:20 -0500
Rae Fraser awesome point, gonna borrow that one, it is so logical it will fly right over the heads of the progressives.
commented 2015-11-25 00:51:40 -0500
Actually socialism is slavery. So is my tax dollars paying for this fraud to sell his dvd’s in schools while he brainwashes kids.
commented 2015-11-25 00:32:43 -0500
Suckzooki is just a doltaic, dumbass who would be happy to see average Canadians forced to use way less fossil fuels but spend way more on the greenie technologies. Oh, sorry, I forgot, in Ontario they are already doing that. In europe they now have citizens existing in energy poverty. Fossil fuels are a wonderful low cost energy form (a wonderful gift from Mother Nature) that has liberated people from drudgery and increased std of living virtually everywhere they are used. Suckzooki – please, just F.O. and die.
commented 2015-11-24 23:46:37 -0500
I so want to get in the ring with this idiot and feed him his own chiclets
please call me dave, if you got a pair.
commented 2015-11-24 22:29:28 -0500
Suzuki is an example of absolutely everything that is wrong with this sewer is now called Canada , from Notley to Trudeau Canada is now the bigger shit hole I have ever been forced to live in , actually I’m not forced to live in the sewer anymore , fucking Mexico’s better than the shit hole and anybody with half a brain knows but of course you liberal ‘s got his head so far up his ass you can’t even see what’s going on, oh, or she . By the way because I’m retired now I want more fucking money I deserve it, I built a shit hole you call Canada so give me money, hey if I claim refugee status can I get more money .
commented 2015-11-24 22:12:35 -0500
I guess Suzuki is the multi-millionaire abolitionist who only uses slaves when there is no alternative.