September 21, 2016

Sweden: Police attacked with stones, fireworks in Bergsjön

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Over 80% of the residents of Bergsjön have Swedish as a second language. For a demographic breakdown of the area please see this site.

From a Google translation of this Swedish news site:

Gothenburg police have been attacked with stones and firecrackers by a gang of youths in Bergsjön


A witness at Rymdtorget says that a car was set on fire just in front of the social welfare office and, according to GP's reporter on the scene, it made ​​up barricades at the comet Square form of shopping carts and pallets. The atmosphere is unpleasant to say the least, according to both the GP's reporter and the witness on the spot. 

- It's full of people here, but strange not fire service is in place yet. Buses and trams do not run here either.

Some might say that is the definition of a "no-go zone"

Here is a Swedish news video from 2014 that details the process of creating a no-go zone.

And from one prior to 2010, also about Sweden.



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commented 2016-09-23 03:14:14 -0400
“Svenska opan” at their prime… i.e. Swedish monkeys…. You know how monkeys are caught in some countries?… You bore a hole in a coconut shell just big enough to permit a monkey’s extended hand to penetrate but not a clenched hand… Then drop a treat through the same hole… When the monkey grasps the treat and forms a fist he no longer has the brains to unclench his fist and escape… Sweden has grasped the Muslim immigrant “treat” and no longer has the “brains” as to how to deal with it…
commented 2016-09-22 12:02:08 -0400
@jay Kelly:
“The Rebel prints Victor Laszlo’s stories because they sound catchy and believable. We are not idiots. "

Wrong Jay…you are a complete fuc&ing idiot.
Victor..keep up the good work.
commented 2016-09-22 11:09:17 -0400
jay kelly i don’t know what hole you crawl out of but you are one sleazy stupid uneducated brain washed turdo loving fxxk, you make my skin crawl with your insane rantings , please die of some painful disease .
commented 2016-09-22 09:55:15 -0400
Those who blindly follow their leaders, Jay. You for instance.
commented 2016-09-22 00:13:51 -0400
The writing on the wall.

In today’s world who would it apply to? Who is the mighty and the powerful that oppresses the weak?

Whose reign “has been numbered and brought to an end”?
commented 2016-09-21 23:25:04 -0400
No, Jay, we are not idiots but your clearly are. Read the handwriting on the wall: mene, mene, tekel, parson.

“Here is what these words mean:
Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”
commented 2016-09-21 23:19:20 -0400
The story seems more fitting for Victor Laszlo’s “TOP FIVE EUROPEAN STORIES…”

Besides a perverse curiosity, what are we to gain from such a story?

Sweden is being inundated by Gothenburgers or Muslims? Rebel readers often take such silly stories as a warning of the infiltration of Islamists. Are they supposed to accept that they are gullible.

The Rebel prints Victor Laszlo’s stories because they sound catchy and believable. We are not idiots.
commented 2016-09-21 21:43:10 -0400
Enjoy Sweden, the spirits of your viking ancestors are too ashamed to help you now.
commented 2016-09-21 21:17:55 -0400
If I were to expound on my thoughts about Muslims I would be suspended (again) so I will say this instead.

Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was whit as snow, and everywhere that Mary went the Lamb was sure to go.

Did you know that Cluck is fowl language?

Flag me on that, Muslim.
commented 2016-09-21 20:30:48 -0400
No sympathy

They reap what they sow

When low info Canadians wake up it will be too late in Canada a well.
commented 2016-09-21 20:27:02 -0400
This is how we say thanks for helping us in out time of need.
commented 2016-09-21 19:45:32 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,778 Attacks, 202,102 Killed, 283,239 Injured…. that we know of.