March 27, 2017

Swedish Feminist party wants to ban deportations of criminals because “white Swedes” aren't deported

StaffRebel Columnist

Sweden yet again proves why it is the most pathetic country on the planet.

During the Feminist Initiative's annual congress in Västerås this weekend, Victoria Kawesa from Uganda was elected to Sweden's first black party leader.

According to Speisa, Kawesa questions why criminals are deported when “white Swedes” are not. This is a party that wants “free immigration”. Basically, an attempt to speed up the utter destruction of Swedish society and culture.

The party believes that there should be NO deportations, regardless of how serious the crime is.

In 2014, the party only received 3 percent of the vote. However, the electoral threshold in Sweden is 4 percent, which means this nonsense could very well be discussed in parliament if they do well in the next election.

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commented 2017-03-28 13:32:43 -0400
How about they deport them to their country of origin. Solved.
commented 2017-03-28 13:32:43 -0400
How about they deport them to their country of origin. Solved.
commented 2017-03-28 09:19:59 -0400
In a decade or so Sweden will no longer exist as we know it. It will be known as shariaden, thanks utter self serving scumbags and the fools that enable them.
commented 2017-03-27 20:59:06 -0400
Won’t be surprised if some of her family members are deeply involved in criminal activities including raping of native swedish girls hence, her call to ‘NOT to deport criminals.
The day is not far when there’ll be calls to forbid law enforcement from arresting & charging any criminal caught in the act because of his religion/race /colour.
commented 2017-03-27 18:52:20 -0400
Leftard bacteria in type writer
commented 2017-03-27 18:50:27 -0400
Stockholm syndrome is popular inn Sweden
commented 2017-03-27 18:31:06 -0400
commented 2017-03-27 17:19:09 -0400
Hey Victoria Kawesa-F*ck you , you racist pig.
commented 2017-03-27 17:17:44 -0400
WOW, as others have stated before-if white people are so damn bad and evil and racist and run things so terribly then why the hell do non whites want to live in their countries so badly?
Ragnar Lothbrok must be weeping in Valhalla.
commented 2017-03-27 13:59:17 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,026 Attacks, 212,370 Killed, 293,896 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-27 13:44:02 -0400
Obviously, she is of the same mindset as our intellectually un-endowed PM, Baby Doc Trudeau. No deportation of terrorists, major criminals, or revoking of Canadian citizenship for those who lie to obtain citizenship.

Sweden is beyond screwed, beyond lost; with Baby Doc in charge – or him as a puppet – soon will we.

Even with instructions, a map and flashlight, he still can’t figure out how to get out of a paper bag.
commented 2017-03-27 13:04:22 -0400
I used to think Sweden was a great country to work/retire/visit. The suicide of its culture and 1st world status is alarming. I’m glad to be in Canada…oh, wait…
commented 2017-03-27 12:48:59 -0400
If she’s the leader of the black party, who’s leading the white party? And if they don’t have one yet, perhaps the time is ripe.
commented 2017-03-27 12:43:24 -0400
Just lock up all the Feminists. They are all Bat Sht Crazy.
commented 2017-03-27 12:22:45 -0400
I agree. For violent crimes like murder, rape, maiming, assault with a weapon, etc; the criminals should not be deported, but instead granted a 6′×2′×4′ plot of ground that they can occupy in perpetuity after being hung.
commented 2017-03-27 12:20:07 -0400
These people are mentally unstable and need their heads examined. I can’t stand listening to their BS. This is the mentality of victim-hood that needs to be studied and published in the DMV.
commented 2017-03-27 11:52:40 -0400
Of course you can’t deport Swedes born in Sweden; where would they be deported to Victoria Kawesa from Uganda?
commented 2017-03-27 11:49:49 -0400
Trudeau’s brand of feminism is appalling. He thinks if he keeps declaring he is a feminist; people will believe him. His faux-feminism doesn’t fool me!
commented 2017-03-27 11:38:26 -0400
Does Trudeau support that party. I believe the feminist little twat does.