January 11, 2017

Switzerland denies left-wing vegan a passport because she is 'too annoying' and campaigns against Swiss traditions

StaffRebel Columnist

A left-wing Dutch vegan has been denied a Swiss passport on the grounds that she is 'too annoying'.

Daily Mail reports that Nancy Holten moved to Switzerland at age 8. She is best known for campaigning against cowbells in the Swiss village where she lives.

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She was denied a Swiss passport after locals who were consulted about her request said they were 'fed up' of her challenging Swiss traditions.

The committee said that if she does not accept Swiss traditions and way of life then she is unfit to be an official national.

Holten had complained about cow bells saying, “The sound that cow bells make is a hundred decibel. It is comparable with a pneumatic drill. We also would not want such a thing hanging close to our ears?”

She added that, “The animals carry around five kilograms around their neck. It causes friction and burns to their skin.”

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Back in 2015, the villagers successfully stopped her application for naturalisation in a referendum. 144 out of 206 citizens voted against the plan. And now her application has been denied again.

Local politician Tanja Suter agreed with the town and said that Holten has a 'big mouth'.

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commented 2017-01-13 00:02:13 -0500
Just love this!
commented 2017-01-12 09:58:03 -0500
LEVITICUS 2013 commented 9 hours ago : " One of the lowest crime rates in the world and the government and citizens are friends." Leviticus, that is because the citizens are the government. Monsef and crew’s unwillingness to even have referendum on election change speaks volumes of their contempt for we the people.

Switzerland has many referenda every year. The Swiss people are actually in power. Not some Laurentian elite. I contend we should have one of two systems. We should either import the Swiss system wholesale or go to a selection process like jury duty. Your name gets pulled and you serve 4 years in government.

Could you possibly have a less competent crew than what we are enduring now? I think not. Think of the money that would be saved. Think of how patronage would disappear overnight since no one could curry favour with those they hope to get elected.

I will gladly serve as electoral change director for free. That will save some more $$.
commented 2017-01-12 01:58:37 -0500
Well common sense for a change.
commented 2017-01-12 00:23:53 -0500
Every able-bodied man born in Switzerland has done time in the military and has an automatic weapon and ammunition in his closet at home. One of the lowest crime rates in the world and the government and citizens are friends.
commented 2017-01-11 21:07:41 -0500
Finally, some sanity in a world gone MAD!
commented 2017-01-11 17:55:17 -0500
While most in the West have completely lost their minds, that sanctuary of Sanity called Switzerland stands as a beacon shining in the darness
commented 2017-01-11 17:47:45 -0500
One’s gotta love those Swiss!
commented 2017-01-11 14:13:03 -0500
The SWISS are on guard
commented 2017-01-11 13:51:24 -0500
Now there is real democracy.