May 14, 2015

Syria crosses Obama's "red line" -- but will he react?

Rebel Staff

There's on a major story in today's NYT: "Inspectors in Syria find traces of banned military chemicals."

Remember back in 2012?

Obama vowed that he'd go to war with Syria if they crossed the "red line' of acquiring chemical weapons.

Then he signed a peace deal with Syria -- one brokered by Russia -- after they agreed to disarm.

But it looks like they haven't.

Now what?

And how does this development relate to Obama's other deal -- the one with Iran regarding nuclear weapons?


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commented 2015-05-14 22:51:56 -0400
What will he do? It depends what kind of people are getting the gas.
commented 2015-05-14 18:40:40 -0400
Obama will do nothing. More likely the shia muslim in the White House is concerned his brothers-in-arms terrorists in the Middle East are getting their asses kicked right now!
commented 2015-05-14 18:10:11 -0400
BZ, good account. I fear what will happen to these chemical weapons once Assad is gone, and they fall into the hands of the Israeli haters.
commented 2015-05-14 16:53:02 -0400
Canada has a real history of getting wrong – Syria, Afghanistan Rhodesia, South Africa, South West Africa, Congo, Cuba, Angola and on and on. Blithering idiots from the top in most cases but not always.
commented 2015-05-14 16:35:58 -0400
Thank-you Bravo Zulu for an honest appraisal of the situation in Syria – and one that I have no doubt is absolutely true. Unfortunately – and very regretfully – I am sad to say that I believe your worst fears are about to be realized.
And we can all blame whomever we want – but I see no will or way to stop that catastrophe occurring.
Not by Canada, the Europeans, the U.S.A or even Russia.
But perhaps Canada will realize the UN’s role and connect the dots between former catastrophes like the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, 1992 Sarajevo Crisis and 1993 Croatian War – and be called to account for facilitating reckless military interventions that exacerbate rather than calm terrible situations.
commented 2015-05-14 15:08:57 -0400
My own personal conspiracy theory is that Obama dare not do a thing until he gets an official okay-dokey from George Clooney.
Here’s my thoughts summarised:

May 2012 An election fundraising dinner at the Clooney home raises fifteen million dollars.
August 2012 Obama states that a red line will be crossed if the Assad regime utilizes chemical weapons.
March 2013 Syria uses chemical weapons.
No word from Clooney. Obama does nothing.
April 2013 Obama emphasises his red line comment by saying it again.
August 2013 Syria uses chemical weapons again.
Still no word from Clooney. No action from Obama.
September 2013 Playing for time while waiting for Clooney to call, Obama states “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”

Understandably, you could say that I’m just making up Clooney’s involvement in this, but now please consider the following:

November 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment is the victim of a cyber attack.
Obama is silent.
December 2014 The Guardians of Peace invoke the 9/11 attack to threaten Sony Pictures, movie theatres, and American movie goers if the film The Interview is shown.
Still not a peep from Obama.
North Korea (a member of the axis of evil) becomes the prime suspect behind the threats.
Nothing from Obama.
Sony decides to pull The Interview.
No call yet from Clooney so Obama bombs someplace (Somalia? Yemen?)
Clooney creates a petition to “stand strong” against the threats.
Sony announces that screenings of the movie will now go ahead on Christmas Day.
Obama “applauds Sony’s decision” then adds “Why didn’t you (Sony) come to me?
Sony executive says “We tried to”.
commented 2015-05-14 14:55:25 -0400
Thanks for the report Bravo Zulu.
commented 2015-05-14 14:10:06 -0400
First and foremost – criminalandliarhusseinobama – is high on the band wagon to blame Assad.

However those rebels are not nice children playing in the park.

When I lived in Syria, Assad provided free medical and dental, free electricity, free education to boys AND girls and no one that I saw in the country or in Damascus, Bosra, Dara, Aleppo of many of the other smaller towns I lived in, went hungry. If you wanted to wear western clothing and NOT cover your face and your hair as a woman that was – in those days – OK. I chatted with many women who did not cover their hair or face at all in the city of Damascus and only sometimes in the country.

When I left Syria it was because things were getting bad.

The rebels did not over throw the government and start this revolution because Assad was a bad person – and yes, he is not always the good guy – they over threw his government because they did not like his liberal ways. No one in the media or the US government will ever tell you that. NEVER!

Not many will ever tell you that, because it is all politically incorrect now. And for Assad to maintain power now he is at war – total war – not that bull crap partial stuff the Americans and Canadians and Euro folks do – this is win and take it all or lose and die. Total war!!!

If you want peace in the mid east support Assad and listen to him when he tells you what is required to win and to hold power. He has lasted a long time but will eventually fall – simply because the time, money, people and weapons are starting to dry up.

Remember – he was an ophthalmologist in the UK when his father died – so his brother took over – with Assad living happily in London. When his brother was killed in a car accident Assad did not want the job but took it. He loosened the reins of control in Syria, kept his secret police – the Mahabharata more or less under control; and started to institute positive changes in the country. Education, health, electrical power, paved roads, infrastructure, control of Imams and more.

The hard liners did not like this – and attempted a coup. Media called this Arab Spring.

That name is BS – it is a media designed term. If the rebels win there will be a slaughter that will make Hitler, Mao and Stalin look like choir boys. As a friend who is now out of Syria told me not long ago – I wish we could go back to Assad – it was essentially quiet and we lived well. We made money from tourism, oil development and exports.

I bet there are a lot of folks in Syria now that would be happy to return to the old times – except the rebels will not let them.

Assad is doing what he has to to win – or should I say now – maintain what he has. The rebels will kill everyone in the country eventually.

Assad once invited the UN inspection team in to check for chemical weapon use – two weeks before they arrived someone used chemicals in Damascus. If Assad was denying this use – and invited inspection teams in to prove it – does anyone truly believe he would be stupid enough to use them just before the team arrived? In fact one person on that team is known to me and he admitted that even though the media accused Assad, they (the team) did not believe Assad had done it – the team believed it was the rebels.

The media is not telling the truth.

The various military participants are not telling the truth.

The UN is not telling the truth. In the case of the UN this is why – read who runs what in the UN – I believe you will be surprised to see who holds the real power in the UN:

So if you have read this long and rambling post remember this: Assad is not a nice guy – but he is a far better choice than the rebels – who are supported by the Americans and Canadians and Brits.

The media will never tell you the truth because it does not make them money.

And the slaughter that is coming will be – like all the others – on western hands – this all could have ended quickly if Assad had been supported.
commented 2015-05-14 12:08:29 -0400
Obama will just say these traces are the same traces as were found before Assad promised not to use them. We know chemical weapons have been used in Syria and we’ve known for some time, yet Obama has not acted. Nor will he. Nor will he do anything to stand in Iran’s way, no matter what.
commented 2015-05-14 10:26:37 -0400
Certainly the most useless President in my lifetime and there have been several duds recently. As Ann Coulter says he is turning the US into a Third World Country. Imagine a Trudeau/Obama axis. Two nit wits performing together.
commented 2015-05-14 09:35:10 -0400
Obama wouldn’t go to war unless his partner Michelle the First Drag Queen made him.
commented 2015-05-14 09:25:33 -0400
I believe this is actually an imaginary line, one that means absolutely nothing to anyone but our enemies!