September 11, 2018

Syrian refugee charged in murder of 13 year old Marrisa Shen — but only “Islamophobes” worry about Canada’s lax security screening

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Twenty-eight year old Syrian refugee, Ibrahim Ali, had only been in Canada approximately three months before he is alleged to have murdered Marrisa Shen whose body was found in a Vancouver park in July 2017 after an exhaustive search.

CBC is calling Ali a “Burnaby man” and avoiding his immigration status, while Burnaby News Now is trying to “memory hole” their initial headline that described Ali as a Syrian refugee by deleting it and replacing it with one that describes him simply as a “28 year old man.”

Most of what we know about Ali is from the Vancouver Sun because, so far, they’re resisting the mainstream media impulse to scrub his refugee history from their reports and are actually asking tough questions of officials about how Ali came to Canada.

What has been reported confirms Ali was not an illegal asylum seeker. He came via official channels but the government has completely lost track of him, having no records despite his permanent resident status.

According to The Vancouver Sun:

“Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen’s office did not respond to a request for comment but in a statement, an official with the department said every refugee ‘undergoes a robust, multi-layered screening before being allowed to enter Canada.’

But, we have the access to information documents to prove this statement false.

Watch as I refresh your memory on what we learned from access to information documents that contradicts what is suggested in the Immigration Ministry’s statement.

Officials changed the rules specifically for Syrian refugees because bureaucrats rushed to meet Trudeau’s virtue-signalling quota. As a result, some weren’t even subject to a simple Google or social media search before landing on Canadian soil.

Marrisa Shen is dead, allegedly at the hands of a Syrian refugee, but guess who CBC and VICE think are the real bad guys?

It’s you and me and everyone else who wants to see proper comprehensive security screenings before we accept refugees on Canadian soil.

Wanting this doesn’t make me Islamophobic or even anti-Syrian — it makes me pro-women, pro-children and pro-Canada.

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commented 2018-09-12 23:05:29 -0400
RON VOSS commented 8 hours ago
A Vancouver church, St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, assisted with the private refugee sponsorship of the man accused of killing 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

Ron, this is because Christians have been told that they should be “nice”. That is the highest virtue they can attain to in our modern world. It was never a classic virtue in Church history but what did they know way back then?

Was Jesus nice? Or was he loving?
commented 2018-09-12 15:23:08 -0400
CAROLE MASSÉ commented, “You’re very nice Sheila. I personnally do not want any muslim refugee”.
My screening wouid be relatively simple, “Are you a devout Muslim and do you intend to attend a mosque in Canada?” Anybody arriving with his wife in tow in a burka, no need to ask any questions.
commented 2018-09-12 15:16:51 -0400
If improper screening, then presumably gross negligence could be the basis for a class action lawsuit.
commented 2018-09-12 14:04:12 -0400
The donations I made to Maxime Berniers new party are for the memory of the 3 young Canadians that lost their precious lives because of other people’s stupidity and lack of morals !
commented 2018-09-12 13:45:20 -0400
Liza , I have grandchildren and unlike most Canadians I care about their future and I will fight for them until my last breath ! Oh yeah I just made 2 more donations to Maximes new party and we’re about to find out the name and logo this Friday . Go Mad Max ! Let’s take this country back to its former glory and make it even better . If you’re not part of the solution than you’re part of the problem !
commented 2018-09-12 13:19:29 -0400
When was the last time you heard anything about how the victims who survived the Danforth shootings were doing? Ever? Those relatives, MUST have something to say. I know I sure would.
commented 2018-09-12 13:16:15 -0400
I think there is a reason we NEVER hear from the families of these victims. Not in Canada or the U.S. I think the minute these atrocities happen the families are contacted by the government and offered payouts for silence. I think these suits are quite possible but there is no way the government wants that kind of publicity. We need to ‘encourage’ these families to speak out so that these deaths don’t go on happening in vain.

My quality of life is being affected by all of these incidents. Its not the way I expected to feel in my own country, but I have children and potential grandchildren I want to remain safe. Hiding the truth as Justin hopes to do, does nothing to alleviate my stress level.
commented 2018-09-12 12:59:20 -0400
This insanity has to end one way or another !!
commented 2018-09-12 12:58:02 -0400
If anyone has the time to check into a class action lawsuit against Justin Trudeau I will gladly donate 1 K towards it .
commented 2018-09-12 12:08:05 -0400
Marrisa Shen, God rest her soul, is collateral damage to the government. People have come to Canada to live in peace and freedom. Justin is bringing everything these legal immigrants thought they had left behind, to the country they fled to FOR SAFETY, and yes the opportunities Canada offers (offered) for prosperity. Maybe this family has been here from the beginning and helped build the country. No one deserves to have such needless tragedy strike because of vain leaders globalist nightmarish aspirations. This is Canada, we will not accept these atrocities here. I am so outraged and so sad for the family.
commented 2018-09-12 11:58:18 -0400
Peter, do you have any cheese to go with your whine? Stay alert. Many changes are forthcoming. You can’t stop a train travelling downhill. Whether their is a downhill slope or an uphill one remains to be seen. What the next step is, or what the best plan of action is, remains to be seen. Things are unfolding, hold on to your doomsday attitude, you don’t know how things will turn out and neither do I.
commented 2018-09-12 11:46:24 -0400
Greig McKinnon, good work. Its time to make Trudeau face the music. Lets help these people sue.

Justin said he will stand PERSONALLY, and that he will make PERSONAL restitution, that he would be PERSONALLY responsible.
He has to make restitution out of his own pocket and Trudeau foundation, NOT out of the taxpayer pot.
commented 2018-09-12 11:05:32 -0400
“I will be personally responsible for harm that may come to any citizen of Canada”…..
Any harm from any refugee, brought into Canada by my government, “I stand personally responsible”. I will make amends and personal restitution to any person harmed by any of Canada’s new refugees.
commented 2018-09-12 10:23:00 -0400
Carole Massé commented 9 hours ago,
I am in
The genocidal maniac needs to be put on trial, preferably in front of a jury made up from victim family members.
commented 2018-09-12 08:58:22 -0400
Great report, Sheila! I wish the MSM would follow in your steps.

If a “refugee” comes over the Canada-US border, they should not, under any circumstance, be considered a refugee. If they have such a claim, they should make it in the US, which is considered a country of safe harbour. If they pass through a safe nation to ours, they can’t legally make a refugee claim, so where is the problem? Deport them to the country from which they illegally entered Canada, or through which they came before Canada (i.e.: USA).

For a few thousand dollars, Canada (hey there Baby Doc Trudeau) could put up a 12’ chain link fence with a razor wire topping so illegals can’t cross over in Quebec. That would be cheaper than maintaining the welcome tents and processing centre we suckers called tax payers are paying for.
commented 2018-09-12 08:57:09 -0400
Liza said, " … Without Trudeau’s misguided agenda, several Canadians would still be alive today. That toll will rise before we get rid of that s.o.b."

Sadly it looks like he will be in office for another four years.
commented 2018-09-12 08:01:19 -0400
Remember the dead baby that washed up on a shore far from here and the liebrals blamed Harper. Well turdo liebrals I blame you personally. How many more innocent Canadians must die for these treasonous policy’s. He probably got fifty grand too.
My heart break for this innocent child and her parents…… god knows if this was my daughter. I will contribute to any law suit as well.
trudeau for negligent homicide and treason.
commented 2018-09-12 03:02:56 -0400
The left shows how sickening they are every day. I truly would have no more concern for any Liberal or MSM hack being attacked or killed by some phony refugee than i would for a dead fly on the sidewalk.
commented 2018-09-12 02:13:26 -0400
Suing the Government for what happened is realistic. In fact there was recently an example in the United Kingdom involving Tommy Robinson.
One of the Lords in The House of Lords sent a letter to the new Muslim Home Secretary Sajet Javid, saying" if something happens to Tommy IN JAIL, we are holding you PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. " If something happened to Tommy, Javid’s department would have been sued without a doubt.
commented 2018-09-12 00:52:57 -0400
I think many would contribute to that Carole. If Omar Khadr can walk away with our 10 million, why is this family not compensated for Justin not doing his job?
commented 2018-09-12 00:43:32 -0400
I’d contribute a few hundreds to a pot to sue Trudeau and his islamic immigration bozo. Please Sheila, ask Ezra.
commented 2018-09-11 23:53:02 -0400
How many deaths does it take to stop trudeau and charge him?
commented 2018-09-11 23:29:40 -0400
I’m with you Ron J. …CHARGE tRUDEAU! and his whole crew..They’re all in on it. Doesn’t Canada have a kind of RICO Law..?
commented 2018-09-11 23:17:12 -0400
I saw the video surveillance of Marissa on Global Vancouver. It makes it much sadder to see this cute petite young girl walking around, with her life ahead of her suddenly stamped out.
Sheila said that she didn’t want to know about her last moments, however that is the only way the left that voted for the Groper will understand how serious Trudeau’s mistakes are.

As someone suggested, Sheila should contact the parents and also bring this to light in the Chinese Community, as The Liberals are smart at delaying Trials like this until after the next election.

I remember many of us predicted this would happen 2.5 years ago; we said that we would hold Trudeau personally responsible. Once the Syrian is found guilty, why not crowd-source a Lawyer who will make it so public that the PM is being sued, that even the CBC will have to run with it.

Lets see, 10 million for a murderer that was mistreated; what is the death of a beautiful girl worth?
commented 2018-09-11 23:08:48 -0400
I don’t want any Islamist fundamentalist refugees at all, and any who want to immigrate can get in line with a whole new set of compatibility rules put in place, and a rotating panel of Canadians from all walks of life can do ‘jury’ duty and decide who gets in and who doesn’t. We have to live with the result. This government acts as if we work for them.
commented 2018-09-11 23:01:05 -0400
The death cult claims another innocent child . Trudeau for treason !!!!!!
commented 2018-09-11 22:59:55 -0400
Yes Robert, and we used to be able to do that in Canada and not get raped or murdered. That’s Justin’s extreme multiculturalism for ya, ain’t it grande.

Carole, its not the first blood Justin has on his hands. The Danforth Islamist victims, Nathan Cirillo, the truck attacks which ended in deaths, and injury, the stabbings in Mississauga and other micro third world municipalities in Canada. Without Trudeau’s misguided agenda, several Canadians would still be alive today. That toll will rise before we get rid of that s.o.b.
commented 2018-09-11 22:48:11 -0400
You’re very nice Sheila. I personnally do not want any muslim refugee. Because they’ll never be real refugees, since all they can do in their own countries is plant bombs, rape or murder. They simply can’t live in peace unless a dictator controls everything they do. They are screwed in the head and there’s nothing we can do about it. Let them sink in their own shitholes.
commented 2018-09-11 22:43:48 -0400
Hope you rest in peace Marrisa Shen…just another kid going to a neighborhood store with some change in her pocket to get a treat.

Do you Rebels remember that feeling as a kid? I do.