January 14, 2016

Syrian refugees becoming logistical nightmare for Liberals; tensions and costs keep rising

Brian LilleyArchive

I don't always like saying I told you so, but there comes a time when it has to be said and on the issue of refugees, it’s long past time for us to say it: I told you so

The promise to bring in 25,000 government sponsored refugees as quickly as the Liberals said they would, was problematic on so many levels from their lack of planning to lack of concern for security or health concerns and for logistical reasons.

But those of us that raised questions during the election were called bigots, fear mongers, racists.

Well now they can add another name to their list: RIGHT!

From overestimating the number of refugees who would want to come to underestimating how much this would all cost, everything they could get wrong they did get wrong, and everything we thought might happen based on common sense, is happening.

This is definitely a case where thinking before opening your mouth would have worked and I don’t mind saying, I wish Trudeau had done that because this is going to cost us all.


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commented 2016-01-19 09:51:33 -0500
Trudeau is a total embarrassment on the world stage and is a finical nightmare domestically!
commented 2016-01-16 23:15:45 -0500
preschool teachers must be wondering wtf
commented 2016-01-16 23:14:14 -0500
ahh canada has lots of room for ahh refugees,and ahh because the homeless ahh in canada have provided that for them,ahh,canada can provide lots as ah i have many rooms that i have given ahh to my maids ahh,a 100 million dollars is only the beginning ahh we need to show how great i am ahh,i have millions so ah i can afford it and canadians ah should to ahh what is the next question ahh before i forget ahh
commented 2016-01-16 23:00:10 -0500
ah i just got back from a relaxing vacation and ahh they have pot in st kitts,so ah what was the question ahh,yes i will be teaching preschool kids after ahh I retire
commented 2016-01-16 22:56:26 -0500
I believe the liberals know they are going to lose future voters to this clown that eventually behind the scenes they will urge him to step down due to ahh cant remember ahh what am i trying to say oh yea ahh pot causes brain damage ahh too bad
commented 2016-01-16 22:52:55 -0500
ah.let me thin mum ah,canada has lots of money um ah I know i have lots in my bank account so you ah must ah have lots ah too
commented 2016-01-15 14:41:10 -0500
Of course there is the financial cost to consider, but I am just as, no, even more, concerned with the potential cost of Trudeau’s plan in non-monetary areas of life as well. Areas that could, slowly or quickly, negatively and severely impact on the Canadian way of life with its own set of rights and freedoms, Canadian common law, norms and practice, and the like.
And if there is already being demonstrated a push back of wholesome foods to eat, which have been provided freely, it makes one wonder, well it makes me wonder, if this might possibly be a very early sign or indicator of what may yet come to pass as time goes by.
I realize my concerns could be merely suspicion based and nothing more; however in fairness, having factually seen and heard what I have, and having read and understood what I have, I too realize my concerns could be very well founded. And worse: possible. So for now at least I think I will hold onto my healthy scepticism and consciously remain awake.
commented 2016-01-15 12:31:11 -0500
sean penson thanks for the free mirth.. i love imbeciles talking about the UN..
commented 2016-01-15 12:29:29 -0500
anyone who broke down the original lie of $1.2 billion over 5-6 years.. realized that means about $8000 per person per year…..who can live on $8k a year..
commented 2016-01-15 12:01:39 -0500
Yvette – salmon is one of my all time favourite foods, and for these so called refugees to turn their noses up at it, is a real slap in the face to Canadians, who are footing the bill for these leaches.
commented 2016-01-15 11:19:42 -0500
Billions spent and not one benefit for Canadians, except liberals coderre for one is cashing in no doubt plenty more as well
commented 2016-01-15 11:06:22 -0500
Sorry that posted twice.
commented 2016-01-15 11:05:00 -0500
The taxpayer will cover the high cost of immigration just like we cover everything else. When things get out of hand it is the taxpayer who pays. God forbid but should things start happening here like in Paris or Germany who will Justin blame.
commented 2016-01-15 11:04:59 -0500
The taxpayer will cover the high cost of immigration just like we cover everything else. When things get out of hand it is the taxpayer who pays. God forbid but should things start happening here like in Paris or Germany who will Justin blame.
commented 2016-01-15 10:45:49 -0500
Sean Penson, why would you say such a thing? You are giving away your address. Your home would be the one with the people stacked in bunk beds, hundreds of them, as you would be the one in your neighbourhood who sponserred your fair share of the million refugees.
commented 2016-01-15 10:21:41 -0500
Really good one Brian,! Hey you know what?, I think Sean Penn is on our side., !
commented 2016-01-15 10:20:22 -0500
Do Ontario or Federal Liberals ever tell the truth or do they just say what’s needed to get and hold power?
commented 2016-01-15 09:48:04 -0500
drama teachers suck at math… that’s why they don’t know how to do anything useful.
commented 2016-01-15 09:23:51 -0500
hey Sean I think you should take some into your home or at the very least move your home near by there camps so your wife and daughter are close by to keep them safe from the rest of the canadians who appose this.
commented 2016-01-15 09:20:30 -0500
no sean you have it all wrong, you should never be tolerated as you are a mindless sheep, just what the leftys love. And as for islamaphobia you are feeding it every day, it will grow and grow mostly because of mindless idiots like you, so keep up the good work sean.
commented 2016-01-15 07:39:45 -0500
I think that you guys are all looking at this thing the wrong way. Canada can easily afford a $Billion plus to import, house and feed refuges. I mean, what the halal? $65 a day per person for meals including salmon and spicy rice is the least we can do, plus hotel. And bring on the rack of Lamb. As a small businessman, who has almost no vacation time ever, I would also like to get some of that there refugee status. If all I have to do is change my name to Moe and get my women folk sheet faced, I am all in. Stand back you bigots and islamophobes, and get the halal out of the way, I’m heading for troff. P.S. I don’t want to pay for parking at the airport so I’m gonna need someone to send a limo to pick me up. Don’t worry Justin, you’re busy, you won’t have to meet and greet me at the terminal. Will I vote for you at the next election? O yah. Remember, old buddy, luv the hair, anything less than 4 stars would be cruel and unusual punishment. You understand.
commented 2016-01-15 07:25:11 -0500
We are obligated to the United Nations level of government to take in these refugees; we should be able to easily handle one million of them, regardless of the costs. Islamiphobia should never be tolerated
commented 2016-01-15 03:38:52 -0500
Seems the ONLY ones surprised by THIS news are the lying LIEberals!!!!
commented 2016-01-15 02:33:21 -0500
I wonder if the hotels were in cahoots with the Trudeau government? The hotels seem to be getting rich off this whole thing.
commented 2016-01-15 01:06:37 -0500
This bunch is looking more and more like those who run Bombardier.
commented 2016-01-15 00:50:15 -0500
Justin Trudeau is suffering from Gray Matter Deficiency and should receive medical attention as soon as possible. He is in the process of turning Canada in to a third would country and Canadians in to second class citizens.
His desire to surround himself with inbred, throat cutting savages is because he knows that he will not stand out in the crowd, his stupidity will not show when he mingles with maniacs.
Some may say that I am a bigot but the real bigot is Trudeau, He hates Canadians, especially the English speaking variety.

PM Trudeau I have a suggestion for you. When You have a chance, why not take your Kids on a trip to the factory that produces ‘Certified Halal Products’, I am sure they will enjoy the show, all that blood and the smell of fear, they will especially enjoy the sound effects, it is amazing how much like a human a pig sounds, when it screams Go enjoy.
commented 2016-01-15 00:26:46 -0500
Justin reminds me of my brother in law…..he’s an idiot too.
commented 2016-01-14 23:54:57 -0500
“Canada elected an Idiot”. No truer words were ever uttered. What a fucking dope.
I hope all those 39.9% that voted for this idiot all commit Seppuku. That’s what Japanese do when they have brought shame to themselves, and the 39.9% have brought shame to themselves and the rest of Canada.
I would suggest Justin also commit Seppuku, but he is such an idiot that he would probably botch that up as well – maybe not a bad thing.
commented 2016-01-14 23:51:49 -0500
Its like Justin is a different species, maybe alien. Why can’t he do what’s right instead of what looks right. And we’re supposed to believe he has Canada’s best interests at heart? He is a whore like Obambie.
commented 2016-01-14 23:43:25 -0500
I met a couple who are both Afghan veterans and they said that it was not a good idea to ask our Canadian military to be posted as security for these immigrants who are using their barracks. He said that they hate them so much that they should not be asked to do this.