September 10, 2015

Taking a bullet for the team: A modest proposal for refugees

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the immigration hawks have been weirdly silent through this whole Syrian refugee crisis. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around, because if there was ever an issue that landed squarely in their wheelhouse, this is it. Where are they at this crucial moment when Conservative politicians are being pressured to open the borders? 

Sure, the Conservatives are hard at work defending how world-class and forward-thinking their open-borders policy is while trying to hold the line against accepting even more refugees. The base is dutifully bashing Trudeau and Mulcair for playing politics with the issue as well as NDP MP Fin Donnelly for misrepresenting the facts about the Kurdi family.

But if I was someone who would otherwise be forwarding chain e-mails about how immigrants need to get on board with Canadian values, I wouldn’t be satisfied with CPC foot-dragging and hoping the issue will go away. Yet the so called silent majority, the people who I’ve been told have had it up to here with all these immigrants coming to our shores, seem completely OK with the debate being centred around how many refugees Canada should accept.

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Team Close The Borders Canada is looking sheepishly at one another, waiting for someone to cast the first stone or waiting for it to be politically safe to say what they think? I don’t want to be calling anyone a cuckservative here, but over in Europe, you can find people who are willing to take a stand against refugee settlement and are willing to pay the price for doing so.

Whether you love or hate that, these people don’t have to wonder who they’re speaking to, and as such they don’t have to speak in wishy-washy coded language, but that’s all we can expect when all the CPC has to go on is a poll saying that enough people think these refugees are trying to jump the queue. And isn’t that rather pathetic in its own way, in that the only thing keeping the CPC afloat on this issue is the indifference of one-third of the population?

What a bunch of timid, criticism-averse so-called conservatives we all are, waiting for talking points to just descend from above to tell us what to think, or waiting for someone else to start the equivalent of a sex-ed protest for every issue so governments will know that they’re covered. Come to think of it, maybe the government would love to throw the borders open if not for the fact that that would trigger a backlash. It’d certainly be par for the course with all the rest of the diffident behavior on display.

Well, don’t worry everyone, because I have the perfect solution. I’m going to go on record as saying that I think Canada should accommodate every last refugee they can get their hands on, and furthermore, they should receive top quality health care, food, and education from the get go, and I’ll even throw in that we should raise taxes sky-high to do it!

Now that I’ve said that, everyone can call me a cuckservative instead of worrying about whether they are one, and the government can breathe easy because the base has got someone else to blame, and left can point their fingers and laugh like they always do. Sacrificing what little credibility I have to get everyone else out of the uncomfortable spot they’re in is no trouble at all. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and blah blah blah…


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commented 2015-09-13 02:27:08 -0400
You would think the Aboriginals would speak out against the refugees. Just look at how well immigration worked out for the Aboriginals. Maybe they don’t know to fear the idea of a residential school based on Sharia law.