June 27, 2016

Tatjana Festerling: “We cannot save Muslims from themselves. We can only save us from their violence”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

For several years now, there has been a tradition in Denmark called "Mosbjerg Folkefest" where a group of classical liberals are invited out to a weekend in the country to mingle, exchange ideas and speak on the state of Europe and the consequences of Islamic immigration and infiltration.

This year, the event was held on the weekend of June 24 and the first speaker was Tatjana Festerling.

Tatjana is a brilliant and well spoken leader of Fortress Europe, and former co-leader of PEGIDA Dresden.


Tatjana has been featured before on The Rebel here at PEGIDA Dresden, and there are three more speeches of hers here as well. 

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commented 2016-06-27 14:04:45 -0400
Islam is not our main enemy, our real enemy is he regressed left who enable/tolerate its hegemony. Between these two forces the regressed left are more hostile to their own culture.
commented 2016-06-27 12:54:12 -0400
@ Cathy Stone, “the left wing have good intention”. I’m way beyond that. The left wing elites know exactly what they’re doing and good intentions have nothing to do with it. They want to change our history and culture because they hate it and don’t believe it is worth saving. This is also why they hate conservatives to the point of wanting to rig the system so that they will never be able to win another election and they hate the fact western democracies were built on Christian morals and principles. They don’t believe white people of European descent have any right to protect their culture. This runs much deeper then most people are willing to think. They push this on the premise of racism and bigotry but they are the real bigots.
commented 2016-06-27 12:07:08 -0400
Maurice Potvin commented 10 hours ago
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,199 Attacks, 197,663 Killed, 277,537 Injured
Maurice, I notice you paste the above in many of THE REBEL’S articles “GOOD JOB
If you don’t mind here are a few suggestions.
As we know the war on the west by these Muslim throw backs continues on a daily basis
Can you make your post in bold
Can you make a line under the running total like Since June 27 to June 28 in the past day in the name of Islam 125 attacks 65 killed 176 injured
Up dating your grand total weekly
Thank for your posts say it long say it LOUD
commented 2016-06-27 08:47:36 -0400
Thank you Rebel for bringing the views of world to us. All the MSM provides is filtered extreme left wing views. As one person said, trying to explain why the left wing is going quietly into the destruction of Western Freedoms and Values; the left wing have good intention but are just dumb. It brings up the adage – Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me – the left wing have rewritten that adage to – Fool me once,I will embrace you, fool me again and again and again and I will always embrace you.

Tatjana Festerling speech was very eye opening. The results of mass migration in Europe can be seen as a prediction of what is in store for North America.
commented 2016-06-27 02:28:05 -0400
Holy Crap!!! Someone who has summed it all up and explained it all… she will be vilified, called a bigot, racist, fascist, and every other name the left can come up with up til the day the Islamic knife slides across their collective throats
commented 2016-06-27 02:14:32 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,199 Attacks, 197,663 Killed, 277,537 Injured
commented 2016-06-27 01:39:35 -0400
Tatjana, you are a real Sweetheart! Same message as Ms.Le Pen & Mr. Trump!! To all people’s living in the West – get off your asses and join the survivors fo Freedom. The Libtards have done their experiment – time to call them on their lunacy!