June 09, 2015

TEASER: Ezra Levant confronts Tim Hortons in person

Rebel Staff

Tune in at 8pm ET tonight -- Tuesday, June 9 -- when Rebel Commander Ezra Levant shows up unexpectedly at Tim Hortons headquarters! It's the latest development in our #BoycottTims campaign, and you won't want to miss it:

UPDATE: Here's Ezra Levant's FULL interview with the president and COO of Tim Hortons Canada:


Tim Hortons has declared war on Canada’s energy industry.
SIGN THE PETITION at BoycottTims.ca

We're crowdfunding to get our #BoycottTims radio ads on the air.



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commented 2015-06-10 07:11:19 -0400
It’s official, Tim Horton’s is no longer any more Canadian than any other multi-national.
commented 2015-06-10 01:47:54 -0400
Since TH is actually owned by a Brazialian company this “daaaa Silva” tard has interest in it! Nice try! Way to go Ezra! You have been there for us oilfield folk from the beginning! Whether it be the “natives” protesting in NB to fracing in the west!
commented 2015-06-10 01:27:47 -0400
Some facts for the haters out there: Ezra did a good job here doing what he does best. There are a lot of people who think tim’s made a poor decision here and would like Tim’s to know it. For those who think these sort of things don’t matter let me put it this way: I stopped going to Tim’s as of yesterday and will continue to shun them. Since I have convinced my family to join me I figure they will lose about 600 large coffee sales and about 300 sandwich sales this year. Multiply that by thousands of people and I think tim’s has a reason to be more conciliatory. If they were not worried about such things they would not have pulled the ads in the first place.
Of course I would rather that people pulled their support over tims ridiculous use of Temporary foreign workers……
commented 2015-06-09 23:17:33 -0400
Might have been great, but found the brick wall behind you very distracting. I could not focus on the video. My attention kept getting drawn to the very poor brick laying job on the wall behind.
commented 2015-06-09 23:04:40 -0400
We have one detractor here. Way to go Ezra. You are a gutsy guy and we need more like you. You Brian and the rest of the Media team are doing a great job. He mentioned that the petition only had 8000 names and millions of customers.
What good will it do. For one we sit back and are not able to do anything or able to voice our grievances. Will my signing the petition have any great affect. Not likely. But it does make me feel good to give them a kick in the shins. The Rebel is not that old but it is my place to go for the news. And it is good reporting. Keep it up.
commented 2015-06-09 22:38:22 -0400
Excellent work, good journalism. My kids wanted Tims doughnuts a couple days ago. Nope, we went to the grocery store and bought a box for a fraction of the cost and I’ll add, the kids were just as happy, Coffee? McDonalds and Starbucks for me.

Bizarre that Tim Hortons doesn’t care that they’ve lost my family and I as customers.

Fascinating that they’re handling this entire thing so terrible!
commented 2015-06-09 22:26:45 -0400
another home run EZRA great job holding that weaselly sob’s feet to the fire 9 no disrespect to weasels) NEVER will I spend my money at that franchise again rot in hell you ballless wimp please leave our country and go south you miserable piece of fecal material, Good Gawd I miss Sun News Network.
commented 2015-06-09 21:26:41 -0400
My Timmies days are over until something resembling respect for the hard working people of our resource industries are showed by the powers that be.
commented 2015-06-09 20:46:42 -0400
Actualy it is owned by a Brazilian company.
commented 2015-06-09 20:46:21 -0400
Great first contact report Ezra. It is unfortunate that TH not only disrespected you by making you wait hours to speak to somebody, but they also disrespected everyone of those ~8500 names on the petition.
Finding exactly how many names it took to get TH to embarrass Enbridge is not straightforward but here is a quote from the Calgary Herald:
“The ads were pulled before an online petition from the group SumOfUs — which accused Tims of “shilling” for the Calgary-based company that transports oilsands crude — had even reached 1,500 names.”

You can read for yourself at:

So 1,500 names from a foreign lobby group made TH diss the Canadian oil industry. And 8,500 Canadians get dissed by TH when their names are presented.

I’m expecting a public apology and a change of COO before I set foot in any TH or Burger King property ever again. You can count on that.

These companies are not Canadian. They are foreign owned and just pandering to PC activists.

Jimmy – you’re a transparent hack. Pedal your crap somewhere else. I don’t give a damn what you think.
commented 2015-06-09 20:45:29 -0400
The timmies around the corner of my house has lost mosr of its customers the parking lot was virtually empty today. Normally it is packed.
commented 2015-06-09 20:41:28 -0400
Good job, Ezra. Enbridge as a client has probably paid for at least 1/2 of what I own over the many years I’ve worked with them. I will forego my Tims until such time as they make this right.
commented 2015-06-09 20:13:02 -0400
You are right Bravo Z. a lot of people chowing down on timmy’s coffee and donuts as we speak have not a clue. But a few more will after this, and many already do. Who knows, head office might look up and have a second thought. This is better than bending over and taking it quietly.
commented 2015-06-09 19:47:08 -0400
Timmie’s is a Canadian icon now owned by an American company.

As long as the cash flows head office is happy.

And so is the customer – who for the most part I do not believe even know about this.
commented 2015-06-09 19:34:48 -0400
I wonder why the concern troll doth protests so much? Go Ezra!!!
commented 2015-06-09 19:15:49 -0400
Jimmy you are right , this is a total waste of time and a useless effort. people just want their coffee and dognut. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, we can all just go home now folks, Jimmy says we are wasting our time. Jimmy you miss the point. You saying things like “Um, you do realize that Enbridge isn’t the only game in town right?”, proves it. Garry in the other Tim Hortons thread, is also not clear on the concept, with his comments which make no sense what so ever.

Looking forward to hearing what Tim Horton has to say Ezra.
commented 2015-06-09 18:37:41 -0400
Every commenting the numbers that signed the petition are inconsequential. How many sign the enviro terrorists petitions? You do the math.
commented 2015-06-09 17:54:45 -0400

You are delusional. If millions supported this – millions would sign the petition. Petitions to get Warner Bros to replace Ben Affleck as Batman after it was announced got more traction than this Tim Hortons bullshit. Apparently who plays Batman is more important than Enbridge.

Um, you do realize that Enbridge isn’t the only game in town right?
commented 2015-06-09 17:49:19 -0400

Google is your friend. I am not doing your homework for you. Maybe you should know what you are actually talking about first.
commented 2015-06-09 17:44:49 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva, I’m not at all sure where the millions of people that were supposed to be at Tim Horton’s for lunch today were, but they weren’t here! Usually when I ride by at noon the drive through line up is backed up into the street for a block, and the parking lot is full, as is the street on both the north and south sides of our downtown (main) store, but today there were TWO vehicles in the drive through line and maybe TEN in the parking lot and none on the street!! I don’t think a lot of Canadians share your twisted views!

Also, you stated “Only 8500 Canadians have joined the boycott.” BUT, if you were smart enough to understand what you read you would see that 8500 people signed the PETITION! I think millions have joined the BOYCOTT if the situation here is any indication!

I hope you enjoy walking to all your destinations for the rest of your life as I feel it would be very hypocritical of you to use any conveyance that was powered by petroleum products or even electrical power as most electricity in Canada is produced by carbon consumption.
commented 2015-06-09 17:33:35 -0400
Enbridge IS a hated company! They hire ex-cons to knock on doors to lie and use fraud to trick little old ladies into signing contracts which will supposedly save them money on their heating bills by “averaging” their payments out, but which do the exact opposite! They even troll apartment buildings (where residents have electric heating) and trick them into signing contracts for OIL and natural gas!
commented 2015-06-09 17:15:56 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva,

I still haven’t read any FACTS or SOURCES in any of your comments that prove Enbridge is a ‘hated company’ or ‘corrupt’. What about other such companies – do you hate them also? Let me guess – you are a LIEberal or an NDP worshipper.
commented 2015-06-09 17:10:35 -0400
JIMMY DA SILVA, if you want to talk about real B.S., that is what this climate change hysteria is about! There are those who have designs to restructure human civilization into a centrally planned global society under international institutions like the UN – all under the guise of “sustainable development”. Hence necessary to push back against the effects of the “useful idiots” in Washington who promote such a totalitarian future.
commented 2015-06-09 16:14:37 -0400

Are you actually equating the Nazi period to this frivolous Tim Hortons bullshit that means nothing in the big picture? Some things are worth fighting for – no matter what you may be up against. THIS is not one of those things worth fighting for.
commented 2015-06-09 15:39:55 -0400
JIMMY DA SILVA, seems that if you were present during the Nazi regime you would be telling everyone that resistance is futile; don’t bother knocking yourselves out. That’s how totalitarian regimes prosper.
commented 2015-06-09 15:29:03 -0400
Hopefully Ezra will make some headway with this. It is shameful that since an American company bought out Tim Hortons they are into all this backstabbing of our Canadian owned business. Which Canadian Company will Tim Hortons attack next? There are plenty of other places to buy coffee from with better tasting coffee. Who needs Tim Hortons anyway? Then again, maybe this is part of their objective, to destroy Tim Hortons name so they can put some American name on the product. Backstabbers.
commented 2015-06-09 15:28:39 -0400
I used to go to Timmy’s, but now I just fire up the coffee maker at home and save the money. As a bonus, I’m not even temped to buy a nice fattening doughnut anymore..
commented 2015-06-09 15:18:29 -0400

No I don’t work for either. Just stating reality that is somehow going over people’s heads here. But hey, knock yourself out though in trying to bring Tim Hortons down to their knees.
commented 2015-06-09 15:13:59 -0400
@jimmydasilva – 8500 customers are not important, because Tim’s has millions. Wow. Brilliant. You must work for a monopoly or the big fat goobermint.

Keep pounding these wet noodles Ezra – getting pushed around by foreign interests like George Soros and Tides and the paid protestors is a joke. It is alarming that Tim’s bought the lie.
commented 2015-06-09 14:44:28 -0400
Everyone, I love Tim’s and used to eat their EVERY DAY, but they crossed the line, join us, let’s tell Tim’s, as well as their new management that we do not accept their foreign funded, hypocritical treatment of Canadians, Canadian Industry, as well as, the responsible, regulated, effective Canadian Oil Sands and Canadian Pipeline Industry!!! We are the real deal and the World is our Oil-ster!!! I will boycott Tim Horton’s until they eat crow and formally apologize and support the Canadian Oil Sands/Pipelines… please join us in this protest! Tim Horton must be rolling in his grave about the disrespect this new management is showing hard working Canadians and our successful, responsible, effective, regulated industries like the Canadian Oil Sands and Enbridge!

We actually need MORE brand new, safe, controlled, known design-life, Engineered, regulated pipelines, NOT LESS!!! It is the eco protestor, protesting BRAND NEW Pipelines that should be held responsible for causing the recent leaks due to overuse of OLD pipelines, and they should be charged with murder for rail deaths due to increased rail traffic from NEW pipeline protests, such as what happened in Lac Megantic, Quebec. None of these disasters would have happened if the misguided eco terrorists like Jimmy had allowed NEW pipelines like the Keystone Pipeline to be built. The same theory holds for the Northern Gateway, EnergyEast and the KinderMorgan Pipelines… We need MORE safe NEW pipelines, not less!!! We need Tim Hortons supporting Canadians, not foreign funded anti Canadian Oil Lobbyists!!!