December 15, 2018

Teen vandal or passionate jihadist? CBC still whitewashing Khadr’s “dangerousness”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I offered a detailed response to a CBC guest who was able to get away with comparing convicted terrorist and war criminal, Omar Khadr, to a rebellious teen, with no pushback from the host.

I’ve talked about this before, and in fact even wrote a book about how the media coverage of this “child soldier” whitewashed the truth about how dangerous Khadr was, and still is.

Now that he’s asked for a passport to fly to Saudi Arabia to visit his Al Qaeda sister, Zaynab Khadr, it’s important to remind Canadians of the true facts.

Watch as I lay out just some of the 73 reasons why Omar Khadr is still a security risk and not just some spray painting vandal who should be granted permission to get on a plane.


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commented 2018-12-18 03:30:29 -0500
I think its time somebody made this so-called irregular-illegal migrations here into Canada “ILLEGAL”. I think we’re all just a bunch of milk-sop dummies, with no teeth, no balls and no government. It’s as if its all been done and we’re all just government cannon fodder, and with those backstabbing liberals, it makes me feel sad, and mad, cause theres nothing to do to stop them. And there’s no place left to run to,—maybe Saskatchewan?
commented 2018-12-16 19:06:27 -0500



commented 2018-12-16 09:53:33 -0500
I agree with Robert Greeley, Don Morris is 100% correct. Excellent comment, Don.
commented 2018-12-16 00:42:22 -0500
Gee one might think Trudeau was part of some worldwide conspiracy. The Muslims are simply useful idiots, to these players of real world risk.
commented 2018-12-15 23:51:12 -0500
There is an interesting conundrum here and AFAIK it has never arisen. Khadr was jut shy of his 16th birthday, so in most of the West, he is/was ’ a child soldier’. To 1.7 Billion muslims he was an adult – to question this is blasphemy. It is a compensation somewhat for the loss of $10 million that Government of Canada has affirmed that Western Common Law overrides the Quran.
commented 2018-12-15 23:39:51 -0500
So with Trudeau paying off the msm…Does this make him the grand imperial pimp of media whores?
commented 2018-12-15 22:27:43 -0500
Rebel Media..

Is the Statement below true? Maybe a Rebel Media Journalist should ask Trudeau?
commented 2018-12-15 22:15:52 -0500
Trying to find more links..but as usual…the cyber wheel just keeps turning..Keep digging Canadian’s..
commented 2018-12-15 22:13:58 -0500
commented 2018-12-15 17:34:39 -0500
You are 100% correct Don Morris..

Trudeau… you are a Traitor to Canada and a Traitor to Human Beings..We will remember your actions and words!
commented 2018-12-15 16:38:15 -0500
The free world is in a mess because of bastards like Omar shit head Khadr, terrorist organizations mixed in throughout governments and everywhere else. When is the world going to stop the insanity of the islamic BS and violence. There is no peaceful solution to this that I can see. In some areas long ago, non muslims put up with islamic terrorism for centuries before they finally went to war against them. Let’s not wait so long this time or ever again. Once they get driven out, islam should be banned world wide for their terrorism and need to be superior to everyone.
commented 2018-12-15 11:14:07 -0500
He is probably going to Saudi Arabia to get instruction from the higher ups on how to fulfill his jihad against Canada!!
commented 2018-12-15 11:01:21 -0500
turdo,s family friend,s and the new osama.
commented 2018-12-15 10:44:33 -0500
Omar Khadr has been even more successful than Al Gore at pulling the wool over the eyes of the media and the credulous. He has convinced so many fools like Elizabeth May and Justin Trudeau that he is a heroic living martyr and a victim of Yankee oppression.

Ezra, in what way do you consider Khadr “dangerous”? Do you believe he will recruit Muslims to commit terrorist acts in Canada? I don’t think he will.
I believe Khadr is dangerous as a political force as he recognizes the weak mentality of the infidel politicians in this country. This bastard is no fool, he is a well trained fanatic who knows a good thing when he sits in it,in this case,naive Little Canader and it’s worshipful Liberal government.

It’s kind of amusing that Ezra mentions Khadr flying on an airline. I would feel safer WITH Khadr on the plane than some burkha clad woman, as you know Omar isn’t going to sacrifice his life for the cause, but some radicalized bitch just might. Omar is a Muslim superstar, and I’d bet the farm he enjoys his status very much. Sacrifice is for the minions,not the ruling class.

Imo, Khadr’s danger is not that he will commit terrorist acts,I believe he is beyond that now and wants to live the good life of a millionaire while helping the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Canada politically. One more term of Justin Trudeau and we should be at the point of many EU countries,where Islam is the de facto ruling force in government, all aided by our Prime Minister.

Omar will lead the movement to Sharia law, and that is why he is dangerous.