August 04, 2017

“Digital blackface”: Teen Vogue says it's racist for white people to use gifs of black people

StaffRebel Columnist

Teen Vogue is actually claiming that when white people use reaction gifs featuring black people, they're partaking in “digital blackface”.

Writer Lauren Michele Jackson claims:

“If you’ve never heard of the term before, “digital blackface” is used to describe various types of minstrel performance that become available in cyberspace.”

"Unlike other physical executions of blackface (such as by Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder, Sarah Silverman on her own show, Rachel Dolezal, or the authors of AB to Jay-Z) that require physical alternations and usually a change in demeanor (like Iggy Azalea’s “blaccent”), digital blackface is in some ways a more seamless transformation. Digital blackface uses the relative anonymity of online identity to embody blackness.”

By this logic, if you use an image of a cartoon character to express how you feel, you're a bigot. It doesn't get much more insane than this.

“Digital blackface does not describe intent, but an act — the act of inhabiting a black persona. Employing digital technology to co-opt a perceived cache or black cool, too, involves playacting blackness in a minstrel-like tradition,” she adds. “No matter how brief the performance or playful the intent, summoning black images to play types means pirouetting on over 150 years of American blackface tradition.”

She gets even more ridiculous stating:

“Ultimately, black people and black images are thus relied upon to perform a huge amount of emotional labor online on behalf of nonblack users. We are your sass, your nonchalance, your fury, your delight, your annoyance, your happy dance, your diva, your shade, your “yaas” moments. The weight of reaction GIFing, period, rests on our shoulders.”

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H/T: DailyWire

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commented 2017-08-05 03:58:30 -0400
And the useful idiot media keeps killing itself and still cannot see it.
commented 2017-08-05 03:57:51 -0400
Don & Paulette Smith just wait, this will only get worse.
commented 2017-08-05 02:19:23 -0400
So using emojis of white people is racist if you aren’t white?

Wearing clothes that developed from European customs and dress by people of non-white European background is cultural appropriation, exploitation and abuse. Right?

Eating hamburgers, hotdogs, Yorkshire pudding and bagels are cultural appropriation if you are not white European extraction?

Wanting to be a good SJW and using a black face emoji or gif is now racist? Who knew!

It seems as though its a battle for who can come up with the most exclusionary and reactionary complaint to get their name out there. For SJW who want everyone to be inclusive, all they do is yammer about stuff to push people apart.

70% of Canada and the US is white, straight, and of one of two genders. You would never know this by television or the MSM.
commented 2017-08-04 14:21:10 -0400
My only two questions are, “Who the heck is Lauren Michelle Jackson and why should I care what she thinks?”
commented 2017-08-04 13:14:36 -0400
Every day, The Rebel posts an article with comments by the most ridiculous people I can imagine. Each day I think they have hit the bottom of the barrel, then, they surprise me by finding someone even more insane. How much worse can it get?
commented 2017-08-04 13:09:41 -0400
Then obviously the opposite when done by blacks is true as well.


I forgot – you can only be racist if you are white.
commented 2017-08-04 12:38:02 -0400
Lauren Michele Jackson sounds like she skipped her medication repeatedly!