March 22, 2016

Terror in Brussels: How long will Western leaders wait to stop the march of the caliphate?

Brian LilleyArchive

After the latest horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels, I’m not even sure how to personally react but I do know that despite calling on our political leaders to be clear about who our enemy is and what their real goals are, our calls seem to fall on deaf ears.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion and Prime Minister Trudeau both made statements today in which they did call the events terrorist attacks and made it clear that Canada stood with Belgium.

What they didn’t say though was that this was the work of IslamoFacists, that this was the work of Jihadis who are intent on seeing the return of a world-wide Caliphate and thus bringing about Islam’s global dominance.

Considering the events in Brussels, Conservative leader Rona Ambrose asked if the Liberals would bring back Bill C-51 and the anti-terrorist measures brought in by the Harper government. That was the bill that would provide our security agencies with the ability to share intelligence in order to keep Canadians safe at a time when threats from radical Islam are growing.

Watch the video to see the response from the Liberals.

We have a serious problem. The west is at war but our leaders won’t admit it, as they worry more about non-existent Islamophobia than they do about very real acts of terror.

The question is, how far are they willing to go to avoid the truth and what will it take before they’re willing to stand up to, and stop the march of the Caliphate?

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commented 2016-03-24 12:58:43 -0400
Hey, after redefining “campaign promise”,“middle class”, " infrastructure", and “budget” Justin has has added “war” to the Liberal lexicon. He says Canada is not at war with ISIS. We are being lead down the path to destruction along with Obama and Merkel who at least acknowledge the war on terror and ISIS as the primary enemy.
commented 2016-03-23 20:12:39 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 24 hours ago
Ron ChristenSEN/SON said, “You aren’t too smart. I am the only one who signs in with my name.”

No Ronnie, it isn’t my IQ that is in question, it is that you are a liar.

Say that to my face you bone-head.
commented 2016-03-23 20:09:17 -0400
From Marco Polo to Winston Churchill we’ve been told this would happen. Maybe as far back as Christ. I’ll see your jihad and raise you a crusade. This should have been eradicated 1400 years ago, why would anyone listen now?
commented 2016-03-23 19:15:26 -0400
Junior was so disappointed that he missed the baseball game attended by his bro and his Daddy’s good pal Raul Castro. Unfortunity he had to stay home and raise a little pin money so he could pay off the faithful and keep the party rolling. He so desparatley wanted to show those terrorists that they hadn’t won by going to the game and taking a few selfies with his pals. Boy that sure would have shown those terrorrists a thing or two. They would have fled trembling in fear of his manly prowess..
commented 2016-03-23 18:51:10 -0400
Thanks for the links—- Hyacinth and Pg
His "emptyness " is dangerous.
commented 2016-03-23 18:49:03 -0400
Don’t hold your breath for any real action.
commented 2016-03-23 17:34:40 -0400
Canada needs to place a moratorium on Islmaic immigration until the terrorism stops!

As for those Syrian refugees, the Syrian Arab Christians are the exact same race as the Syrian Arab Muslims, so taking in the Christians would have in no way been racist. Not racist in the slightest! Yet Justin ignored those religious minorities on the genocide list (Christians, Yezedis and Alawites).
commented 2016-03-23 15:49:47 -0400
Darkly john

Both Texas and Alberta r wonderful places. I had excellent vacations in the former and I lived in the latter. Best place I ever lived, by far. Neither place has been ruined by liberals.

So what is your point?
commented 2016-03-23 15:44:48 -0400
Prepare for open street combat in North America. It is coming very soon. There will be a mass psychological breaking point, a real one and not a manufactured one like the drowned little boy on the Greek beech. This is going to be more violent then we have ever known. Fun time is over.
commented 2016-03-23 14:07:53 -0400
Glenn Craig commented
ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term of political jargon…..there is no such diagnosis in mental health. I sometimes suspect that one or more of our trolls is Gavin McGuiness’s ficticious brother just throwing in some baking soda into the discussion in order to agitate and get some fizz happening……and then I talk to one of my friends from childhood and realize that leftists are indeed that dogmatic.”

I posted this before, I’ll post it again. It explains so much about the word “ISLAMOPHOBIA
“… when it comes to criticizing religions, Islam is treated as a special case.”

The term “Islamophobia” was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” In short, in its very origins, “Islamophobia” was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them. …

… In 1995, Jordan’s Prince Hassan used the word in an address at the UN General Assembly, asserting that many people were using “inflammatory rhetoric” to “ta® all Moslems with the brush of fanatical extremism.” In 1996 the British think tank Runnymede Trust established a Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, which later produced a report entitled “Islamophobia: A challenge for us all.” In the late 1990s, Iranian diplomats used the term with increasing frequency at the (now-defunct) UN Commission on Human Rights, characterizing the phenomenon as “the perception of Islam and its followers as threats to the West.” Today, references to “Islamophobia” appear regularly in UN documents.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT who has renounced the group in disgust, was an eyewitness to the creation of the word. “This loathsome term,” he writes,
is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.

… In an effort to silence critics of political Islam, advocates needed to come up with terminology that would enable them to portray themselves as victims. Muhammad said he was present when his then-allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term “Islamophobia.”
Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term “homophobia” to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw “Islamophobia” as a way to “beat up their critics.”
Lets see – what have we got so far?

UN involvement:
21 December, 1965, the United Nations International Convention on All Forms of Racial Discrimination was opened for signature.

Continuing UN Involvement:
In the late 1990s, Iranian diplomats used the term with increasing frequency at the (now-defunct) UN Commission on Human Rights.
(Today, references to “Islamophobia” appear regularly in UN documents.)

Then you have:
Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT

Interesting when the pieces of a puzzle start to slowly come together. It starts to explain the insanity that has gripped society.
commented 2016-03-23 13:21:43 -0400
ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term of political jargon…..there is no such diagnosis in mental health. I sometimes suspect that one or more of our trolls is Gavin McGuiness’s ficticious brother just throwing in some baking soda into the discussion in order to agitate and get some fizz happening……and then I talk to one of my friends from childhood and realize that leftists are indeed that dogmatic.
commented 2016-03-23 13:20:00 -0400
Obummer and Trudy, the two traitors to North America. They are playing to the low information voters, and are backing it up with the state propaganda press.
commented 2016-03-23 11:44:47 -0400
Mr. Goodale, what possible good will the values, rights, and freedoms of Canadians do if and when they lose their life in a terrorist attack? Will they be able to come back from the dead to cherish their values, rights, and freedoms? I would rather ensure that my values, rights, and freedoms are kept safe and secure from terrorism by any and all security resources that are lawfully at our disposal.
commented 2016-03-23 11:25:12 -0400
why are you assuming the ‘western leaders’ have any desire to stop the march of muslim hordes into the western world? Actions speak louder than words…….right? The Actions of leftist elitists, the world over, continually prove they are purposely importing islamic psychopaths into civilized societies to destroy those same cultures and societies. Extreme leftists have ALWAYS operated from the premise of ‘control from chaos’ ergo: import islamic psychopaths in to create the chaos they need to implement their totalitarian goals
commented 2016-03-23 10:28:12 -0400
Justin DOES and WILL tolerate Islamic terrorism, despite the pathetic attempt at calming rhetoric.

Let’s hope that we will be able to name the enemy. Seems our p-c elites would rather allow the demise of our civilization and condemn our children to hellish lives than be called racist or bigoted.
commented 2016-03-23 09:55:08 -0400
Dieter Cunth rural alberta and texas have more in common than you think.
commented 2016-03-23 07:39:43 -0400
John Siciliano said, “But yes I can understand the outrage over Muslims but collective punishment was meant to end after WW2 with the Jews and I believe that this is a systematic effort to group all Muslims …”

Why are you determined to believe that when people point out that this is an Islamic terrorist attack that those same people are somehow making it a collective judgment against all Muslims?

Those same people who acknowledge that this attack and other similar attacks are done by Islamic terrorists go out of their way to make it clear to all that they know not all Muslims are terrorists, only a few.

But people like you, John Siciliano, continue to ignore that and still accuse them of blaming all Muslims.

commented 2016-03-23 01:26:45 -0400
Ron C it is so good to see you and the other prog trolls have a cow and get all angry when we are proven right. LMAO! Trump said this would happen and guess what IT DID HAPPEN!
commented 2016-03-23 01:23:46 -0400
John Siciliano the Muslims have been doing this for longer than the USA has existed halfwit. How do you think the middle east became Islamic?
commented 2016-03-23 00:59:17 -0400
Mike Red, you are probably correct that if elected, Trump will fix the problem. Aren’t you embarrassed that it takes another country to fix our problems, as our politicians in Canada are useless.
commented 2016-03-23 00:37:09 -0400
I love the response from the blank twins running Canada and the US – they still think global warming is the greatest threat to mankind – I think we should jet them over to Brussels to explain that to the terror victims
commented 2016-03-22 23:51:56 -0400
The Islamofascists will probably overplay their hand (just like Hitler did) and do something similar in the U.S.

This will get Trump elected.

Then watch what happens when they can’t help themselves but to do it again.
commented 2016-03-22 23:26:31 -0400
Update for Jihad deniers – ISIS has taken credit for the attack and various leads took police to an apartment with bomb making materials and ISIS flags – seems pretty clear this was an ISIS revenge suicide bombing in retaliation for the police crackdown and raids on ISIS safe houses in Belgium last week.

To further enlighten you Caliphate/jihad denier kinder – In June 2014, after seizing territories in Iraq’s Sunni heartland, the Islamic State proclaimed itself a caliphate, claiming exclusive political and theological authority over the world’s Muslims. Its state-building project, however, has been characterized more by extreme violence, justified by references to the Prophet Mohammed’s “Jihad”.
commented 2016-03-22 23:07:09 -0400
The " Three Spooges! "
commented 2016-03-22 23:04:15 -0400
I have noticed the mentally ill sean, ron, john have crawled from there parents basements to enlighten the masses with their warped views. I say thanks for confirming how demented the leftist progressive fucktards really are. Keep up the rhetoric you pack of clowns, it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetically sad. Seek help for your disease, all of you.
commented 2016-03-22 22:44:34 -0400
I wonder what it will take for the left to get their heads out of their asses.
commented 2016-03-22 22:44:31 -0400
With are the Progressivist-Sodomites lighting candles and declaring themselves to not be afraid of Islamists, it’s apparent that the notion that the West is fighting for its survival has not dawned on them. So, go ahead and light your tiny candles of remembrance, it is the Europeans who have offered themselves for the slaughter. I trust their slaughter will be Hallal.

However, here in Texas, the citizens will not give up so easily. Armed to the teeth, it is well known, even if it is not considered by Canadians, that Freedom has one price and that price is blood. The blood of Islamists will be shed, and they will be destroyed.
commented 2016-03-22 22:37:51 -0400
Don’t expect anything other than words from this group of cowards .