March 22, 2016

Terror in Brussels: How long will Western leaders wait to stop the march of the caliphate?

Brian LilleyArchive

After the latest horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels, I’m not even sure how to personally react but I do know that despite calling on our political leaders to be clear about who our enemy is and what their real goals are, our calls seem to fall on deaf ears.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion and Prime Minister Trudeau both made statements today in which they did call the events terrorist attacks and made it clear that Canada stood with Belgium.

What they didn’t say though was that this was the work of IslamoFacists, that this was the work of Jihadis who are intent on seeing the return of a world-wide Caliphate and thus bringing about Islam’s global dominance.

Considering the events in Brussels, Conservative leader Rona Ambrose asked if the Liberals would bring back Bill C-51 and the anti-terrorist measures brought in by the Harper government. That was the bill that would provide our security agencies with the ability to share intelligence in order to keep Canadians safe at a time when threats from radical Islam are growing.

Watch the video to see the response from the Liberals.

We have a serious problem. The west is at war but our leaders won’t admit it, as they worry more about non-existent Islamophobia than they do about very real acts of terror.

The question is, how far are they willing to go to avoid the truth and what will it take before they’re willing to stand up to, and stop the march of the Caliphate?

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commented 2016-03-22 19:14:17 -0400
Warmongering fools and religoius nuts who frequent this site represent only a sliver of the population. They are overwhelmed by fear and ignorance. Poor dummies.