August 19, 2016

Terrorism or mental illness? Here’s why official Peterborough plane crash story doesn’t fly

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

One week after a plane was stolen from a Markham airport and crashed near a mall in Peterborough, it was a media report that named the culprit—not police.

An exclusive Global News report revealed the identity of the hijacker as 20-year old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham. The report also cited “multiple sources” as saying the RCMP’s investigation into the event was related to national security matters due to something found in the plane’s wreckage.

After the story was published—for which the RCMP declined to comment—an RCMP spokesperson reached out to Global News to inform them that she “just got information” that there was “no national security aspect”—despite whatever was there in the first place that got the police force concerned.

Chaudhary, according to his father, was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago and had previously been charged with robbing a convenience store, but his father couldn’t explain how he could figure out how to fly a plane—especially when the plane’s owner had the only key.

An airport operator said that the pilot would have to know something about aeronautics to take off and fly 100 kilometres, though Chaudhary’s father said that his son didn’t have a “single minute” of flight training.

We don’t know whether terrorism or mental illness was the main catalyst for the entire event, but we do know that police found something that made them think this was anything but some kid going for a joyride. We also know that this undertaking would require a level of skill that no one knew Chaudhary had.

It’s also apparent that the RCMP’s story changed when people starting discussing it. Watch as I take you through why this doesn’t add up.

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commented 2016-08-24 10:49:00 -0400
Thank you Donald Alkan and yes we are beyond grateful that no one else was injured or killed. We are as frustrated as everyone else with all of the missing prices to this.
commented 2016-08-24 10:07:46 -0400
Aircraft incidents and accidents are normally investigated by the Transportation Safety Board , which of course would still have some level of jurisdiction in this incident. Unless the RCMP has an aviation expert in house, they would require the technical knowledge of a TSB investigator to ask all the right questions of the family and friends of the deceased to understand where and how he obtained the knowledge to break into a number of aircraft and then succesfully start , taxi and takeoff without killing himself within a mile of Markham. Hot wiring an aircraft ignition switch isn’t that easy given the magneto positions and obtaining the correct mixture to fire up the engine. That could have been pure luck. Maintaining wings level flight at night would have been difficult unless Chaudhary had practiced and used an artificial horizon , given establishing a horizon at night would be extremely difficult for a non pilot. Note: Loss of orientation ( horizon) results in loss of control in an average of 178 seconds.
I can only speculate that the RCMP executed search warrants or the family co-operated in giving access to any computers and media that the perpetrator used to build the skills necessary to pull off this caper. The RCMP are not simply being nice guys by extending courtesies to the family. It is part of the investigative techniques used to glean as much imformation as possible from family , friends and associates to obtain a clear picture of what Chaudhary was up to on his last night on the planet.
There is however one major question that is outstanding. If Chaudhary had a truly nefarious motive , why would he not have chosen a different target? Finding out what was in his mind at the time might be an unanserable question. Little solace for the Pecks, but thank God this guy didn’t take out a commercial aircraft or kill some number of innocent people on his little night flight to his doom.
commented 2016-08-23 17:56:24 -0400
well, the plot thickens….the family of this boy is being taken, by our federal Police force, to Markham Airport tomorrow, to see where their son stole our property from…and then, are being taken to Peterborough, to visit the wreckage, courtesy of the RCMP aka our tax dollars, to get “closure” for their criminal son’s death. My husband, has not been allowed anywhere near his aircraft since the incident. We, the victims of a criminal act, which resulted in the destruction of our property, have no rights….except to sue in civil court. I’m sure, the public will have plenty to say about our insensitivity towards this family and their loss when that happens. RCMP have now stated, to us, there was nothing else of concern in the aircraft, despite that very issue being the reason for the federal police being involved in the first place. This whole thing reeks of disgusting political correctness, and fear of offending certain religious groups within our society. I guess this is where the anger sets in.
commented 2016-08-23 11:05:53 -0400
Thank you Suzanne Peck and Don for adding to the conversation and helping to provide the missing pieces of the puzzle the powers that be are content to withhold from us. I also wish to add sorry for your loss.
commented 2016-08-23 10:16:40 -0400
It would be prudent to install some form of disabling device eg. throttle, prop or wheel lock, available at Aircraft Spruce on an unattended aircraft.
commented 2016-08-23 09:02:52 -0400
Thank you Donald Allan, we hope so too. This has been so hard for my husband, he loved his aircraft, and yes, you are right, people outside do not grasp the concept of aircraft ownership, and the love and respect for aviation owners have.
commented 2016-08-23 08:24:45 -0400
First of all let me express my condolences to you Suzanne Peck and your husband Don for the loss of your aircraft. I owned a Piper and people outside the aviation community do not understand how much time and effort and responsibility is involved in private ownership. Given that you are the victims in the theft and destruction of your property, I can only hope that the various investigating agencies keep you well informed regarding the progress of their investigation.
commented 2016-08-22 21:22:51 -0400
The boys Facebook page is still up….one of his friends, posted the morning after the crash, before his name was released, that he thought “his friend might be dead”, that he hoped the media released the dead pilots name. This shows that some people in his circle, knew he could fly a plane, or had intentions of stealing one. Therefore, this would be premeditated. That, is not schizophrenia….that is a thief and a criminal who planned to steal a persons ( my husbands) prized possession. He would have had to have known the airport, how it runs, and how to hot wire a plane and then fly it, at night, without turning on the transponders. My husbands plane was not the only plane broken into that night…others were found with the door locks broken, and wires burned in attempt to start. Fuel theft was attempted at the site also. Our aircraft, was full of fuel, and sound, and my husband was in possession of the only key, while he worked a 24 hour shift as a firefighter. What was in that plane with him that raised so many concerns, is still a mystery. It is not possible, that this convicted criminal, never took flight training…his father is a liar, who raised a thug.
commented 2016-08-22 11:33:22 -0400
Mental illness my fanny!
This person was a terrorist period!
Wake up Justin and stop having your politically correct lackies white wash the truth!
The thinking Canadian public is not buying it. Nor shall we accept it.
Time to do your job and ban these Islamists from coming into Canada.
commented 2016-08-22 00:51:45 -0400
The Media, Police and Politicians can be sued if they censor something and a 3rd party gets injured or dies as a result of the censoring. Remember the 80’s and 90’s, killers like the Boston Strangler were all over the place. Some dumb Mayor or Police chief would try to hide the danger and more women (in most cases) would get killed because of the censorship. There were big settlements.
Until the above happens, the answer is Ezra’s Billboards. After the next incident, imagine a large sign across from CBC’s Head Office showing how CBC and their Liberal friends are censoring the public. Its all we have until the Liberals start to get more unpopular.
commented 2016-08-21 01:10:44 -0400
Drew, taking off and flying a plane is not all that difficult by an untrained person. I’m not saying it would be pretty but it could be done. Especially if it has a nose wheel. If someone has done some simulator time on a video game or something like that it would definitely help. Landing it is a different story altogether.

But if a landing is not planned why worry about it ?
commented 2016-08-21 00:30:18 -0400
Why did it take a number of days for the name of the Islamic terrorist to come out?
Answer: The RCMP needed that time to wipe out all evidence of his jihadist history on social media.
There has been no mention of his social media history, why? Because it no longer exists.
How many young Canadians/jihadists do NOT have a FB or twitter history?
commented 2016-08-20 19:31:43 -0400
The rcmp are lying cause any muslim flying around in a stolen airplane is a national risk cause he could have flown it out to one of our commercial airports and flew it into a passenger aircraft, I bet the nutcase got turned around after getting it airborne – just our luck he ended up in Peterborough and nobody was hurt. For the rcmp to say that, is treating us like we are stupid .
commented 2016-08-20 19:00:31 -0400
@ Dana Moore commented 7 hours ago
By the by, the sister ended up married to this cousin.

Not at all surprised

Anything associated with islam is evil – including the people.
commented 2016-08-20 18:12:39 -0400
He must have googled how to fly that plane the night before, yeah that’s it.
commented 2016-08-20 17:06:15 -0400
Paul Eichmann

After Rome debased it’s currency and ruined it’s economy, a massive underground economy developed. This assured the economy would never return while the debased currency remained. The government’s response to this problem?

Hand out citizenships like they were worthless in order to replace the lost participants in the economy. Let anyone and everyone come in through the gates, including barbarians.

And we all know how that worked out, don’t we?
commented 2016-08-20 17:01:29 -0400
To be fair, it appears he was a true schizophrenic, though I’ve learned to never trust a muslim’s word in these matters, especially the word of a muslim parent. Assuming mental illness, he may have been influenced by orthodox Islam.

Too many “mays” and “appears” and “assumings” in this story. I don’t like it.

But let’s not talk about this like it’s the end of the story. It isn’t. There will be mass killings on Canadian soil shortly. It’s inevitable now.
commented 2016-08-20 14:55:02 -0400
We’ll never know…..hidden from us, as usual. Canadians need to wake up and be honest about what is happening. TruDOPE and his gang will hide it because it makes them look bad but, the time will come when it cannot be hidden. Fast approaching.
commented 2016-08-20 13:44:09 -0400
It sounds like the natives are getting restless…it’s about effin’ time!
The ‘natives’ being those Canadians tending towards the right, whose morals and minds are still intact!
The following short video is what we need to do if we are to survive:
commented 2016-08-20 13:26:44 -0400
Cool flight plan, Mohammad! Want to bring it to Parliament Hill? We should inspire more kids like you to like aviation. It’s what makes Canada great.
commented 2016-08-20 12:17:45 -0400
Bill, the something that smells bad is the rotting truth that is being hidden away in a pail somewhere at headquarters. I have less and less respect and trust for the RCMP these days. They are nothing but the gestapo arm of the Liberal party.
commented 2016-08-20 12:17:45 -0400
Bill, the something that smells bad is the rotting truth that is being hidden away in a pail somewhere at headquarters. I have less and less respect and trust for the RCMP these days. They are nothing but the gestapo arm of the Liberal party.
commented 2016-08-20 11:56:39 -0400
The police and Poppa’s denial story doesn’t pass the sniff test – something smells bad – like a dead jihadi left out in the sun too long.
commented 2016-08-20 11:48:54 -0400
By the by, the sister ended up married to this cousin.
commented 2016-08-20 11:47:44 -0400
Bravo Zulu, agree with your assessment, know personally of a friend’s daughter who helped a young muslim girl run away when her father attempted to force her into marriage with a first cousin from the old country., however not before he attempted to do her harm.
commented 2016-08-20 11:01:38 -0400
With the frequency of mental illness being offered as a defense I think people need to start probing this issue. Is there any evidence it is even true? If the person was schizophrenic who was watching to make sure they were on meds if they even were? If not why not? Why are there so many criminally insane people walking about without monitoring? Is this just an excuse to excuse bad behaviors without alarming the public? Is there not accountability for putting the public at risk?
commented 2016-08-20 09:31:47 -0400
How would his father know he never had any flying time or experience?
What exactly did the RCMP find in the plane that raised suspicion?
Did he even speak with local airport personnel? Was there an actual flight plan filed?
Was the plane stolen or not?

Oh ya . . . .just another muslim with mental health issues run amok.
No worries, I’m sure Ralph Goodale’s Islamic Therapeutic Centre will provide the necessary care to prevent any further radicalization (if there indeed was any).
commented 2016-08-20 08:15:50 -0400
The islamics marry cousins through arranged marriages unless they can find some western woman stupid enough to marry and provide genetic diversity – which fortunately is very rare. Family member females are bought and sold like a commodity – a sexual commodity.

For that reason the in-breeding has continued for tens of generations.

This in-breeding is traceable and factual and is the main reason the average islamic is of lower intelligence and far more unable to adapt to new situations.

They use anger and violence because of this lower intellect and lower adaptability.

All provable if you do your due diligence.

Also politically incorrect to mention which is why the media, politicians and police will not allow the information to be used publicly.
commented 2016-08-20 02:23:26 -0400
Yet Canada is letting in a record 306,000 more immigrants in 2016, wee!
commented 2016-08-20 02:11:19 -0400
It’s a shame, so many Muslims that violate our laws. Like in this case, Theft, Failing to register a flight plan and probably Operating a plane without licencing, all seem to suffer with mental illness. And he’s definitely not a kid, when you commit an adult crime you should face adult prosecution. The legal community and our politicians haven’t been able to grasp that common sense concept. And if the Secretive RCMP are not open about any kind of investigation you can bet one of two things, it involves an Islam/Muslim/Terrorist connection or they have committed their own offence and are covering their asses. Our police are the dogs that bite the hands that feed them. When the police are at a loss in an investigation, that’s when they ask for the citizens help, usually when it’s too late. They forget it’s the communities that rally around and thrash the bushes looking for lost girls and boys etc.